Didn't Get the PTR Yet

So the title describes itself, Do I have to do anything to get the New World PTR in my Steam library or it will show by itself at the right time??

They’re having issue coordinating everything with steam.

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"Hey everyone!

We are currently working to get the PTR available for download. We appreciate your patience as we hustle to make this happen and we will update you with more information when we have it.

Sorry for the delay and thank you for your understanding!"

What did you expect :wink:

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I was seriously here looking for this exact answer…

Yes I was looking for someone talking about this the whole day But found no one

The dev tracker is a great way to follow updates. New world development team - New World Forums

Didnt they state somewhere they will only have one server per region?

The PTR will be queue simulator all over again.

Classic ags :smiley: is there anything they can do as planned

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