Didnt take long but now we have Imgs in Chat

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zero clue but they keep spamming them

lmao, thats actually pretty funny


reminds me of when you could actually type HTML code in the Tera Online chat

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wow, thats gonna get annoying real fast.

Guess my mute list is gonna get pretty big

Its kind of funny and sad at the same time that were able to do this.

Man its illarious, I will never be able to leave the forums at this point. So much good laugh incoming patch after patch. Thanks for sharing.

You can use html in chat…that’s how

Chat written on html, Game is streaming images by DDS. obviously going to right direction thro nwdb will give you this “feature”.

People are constantly being reported for nothing on chat just for posting in-game img aswell as others that too dramatic for some fellas having fun with sausages in chat. Just grow up guys comon it’s not like it’s constantly being spammed, just mute people or something and report this bug so it can addressed and be fixed.

there is also people linking things, that when you hover over them, it crashes your game

Pro Tip: Every reject hangs out in General Chat searching for ways to be annoying. Don’t be one of them.

same with the forums… wait

Wait, WHAT. Text isn’t being escaped? Oh boy.

There was also a turkey in the middle of the screen on our server. Which looked like a Cock

This will be abused for sure. Images now, hidden link or items next.

This is one of the reasons why I never view anything outside of company chat.

Yup…while I was fishing yesterday…sausage, eggs, and nuts…over and over…lol

TIP: Opacity 0 in chat, play on heavy metal and enjoy your game.

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pro tip, if you can code images into the chat, you can code an iso image into it that’ll brick your rig, or since the game has client permissions, send you ransomware, there’s already a crash code being sent around. Game is officially borked. it’s html btw, not hard to abuse.