Died in settlement in 1 shot

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*Character: Sir Madostar

*Server: Olympus US East

*I got randomly killed around the workshop table in Brightwood in 1 shot.

*I believe it is a bug, because the mob that killed me could have never killed me in 1 shot if someone exploited him to town.

*I dropped dead inside of town while doing some crafting and then I had to spend money to fix my equipped items and ones in bag.

*Luckily I didn’t die again after I ressed but I had to close the game

*I was going to craft something at the workshop when I suddenly dropped dead.

A player came to ress me and when he finished I dropped again and I had to release in town and repair my armor.

The death screen showed me a name of an npc which I believe it is one of the corrupted mobs near the outpost in the west of Great Cleave where I was 10-20 mins before I died in 1 shot.

I had same about month ago ? Dunno what happened. It never happends again.

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