Diminishing Returns

Simply put this game needs diminishing returns on CC. The last three wars we have had have been the exact same. Hammer/axe, lifestaff/hammer, lifestaff/axe, firestaff/ice or firestaff/hammer and nothing else. Stun spam is too strong, diminishing returns would see other weapons getting a little more use. There’s no skill required for this kinda combat it’s just dull.


Why do you think adding diminishing returns on CC would make the combat require more skills? I think it might rather go the opposite direction. It would be more forgiving to put yourself in a bad position. Btw stun will instantly break whenever you take damage, and you can dodge or block it to avoid the CC.

I agree that there is a meta right now and the balance is not good. I think they rather need to focus on that to make other builds more viable.

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Stuns instantly break but you don’t suddenly stand up from the knockdown, or end the knockback animation, you don’t suddenly get freed from the gravity well. Sure you can dodge and block to avoid the CC until it’s 40 people all using the same CC skills. Which is the war meta right now. There should be counterplay between the weapons it should never be everyone must use x to be in a war.

As for how diminishing returns adds skill it requires you to consider counterplay, It requires you to better consider what weapons groups will have in wars, the more war hammers you have the less effective war hammers are. It requires you to consider timing instead of skill spamming, track your cooldowns and diminishing returns duration. The only time it’s going to be more forgiving to put yourself in a bad position is if players don’t adapt and continue to spam hammer skills. I should add however when I suggest diminishing returns I mean diminishing returns for the same skills, not necessarily the same effects.

Couldnt agree more.

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