Disable Fresh Start Until QUEUES GET FIXED

I kinda felt like the whole point of fresh start servers going in was so that people could get back on an even playing field. It doesn’t sound appealing anymore to come home after work to find that the people who were around on launch get into fresh start servers with no issues, but now the people who are just getting to the game today are going to be way behind. The appeal of fresh start servers is being lost on me knowing there’s people gonna be logged in for 24 hours grinding while I’m sitting in a queue for 3 hours.

Defeats the purpose of Fresh Start if you’re going to botch the launch this badly. Close it down and address the queue situation before it gets too bad.


Let people make characters for fresh start but don’t open the server. Wait until enough characters have been made and population cap is maxed out and then open the server. Queue times this long just can’t be acceptable unfortunately

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Yeah no. Ya’ll impatiently wanted FSS. Now you got FSS. Welcome to an MMO Queue.


What do you mean by “until queues get fixed”?

If more people want to play on a server than there is capacity on that server there’s a queue. The end.

If you’re fear of missing out is that great, I don’t think any solution for opening servers would help - as all of the ‘solutions’ will have issues.

I’m currently sat in a 6400 queue btw, so I get how frustrating it can be, but if I don’t get on tonight :man_shrugging: I’ll try tomorrow.

they’re opening more servers every hour. you can still get in on new world. don’t worry

There isn’t a “fix”.

The game has a low cap because of its design, and it doesn’t have sharding. So they have to ease the player cap up gradually at first to avoid overloads in the starting zones, and then there will still be queues anyway once the map-wide 2500 cap is reached, at least while the launch period is in full swing. The only way you avoid this is by a different design or by sharding/layering (which the game doesn’t have).

So there is no fix. If you’re that worried about people being 24-48 hours ahead of you in an MMO launch, best to not bother I think. There really isn’t a fix to this problem given the design and limitations of this game.

You must not have much experience with how power snowballs in this game. Good on ya

I got about 3k hours personally. You’re wanting the impossible and waiting a hour isn’t gonna make or break the game.

Never asked for an update with a completely botched launch where there are queue times lasting over 1 day. Surprisingly enough when people ask for things they want them to work properly.

Don’t like the MMO Queue? Too bad. Wait in line like everyone else. Go do stuff around the house. Play a handheld game. Watch Tv. Mow the lawn, It’s not going to ruin your life to wait in a queue.

An hour? More like the minimum is 3 hours and maximum is over 1 day. Not gonna sit around hoping it miraculously changes while my main character collects dust and others who got lucky logging in snowball and get ahead.

There’s 5 servers with a queue time of 5 mins to one hour. Why cant you join one of those?

Probably because others that I’m trying to join with are on ones with longer queue times. I know, crazy, right?

The thing is that some people actually have lives, so if they have to wait in 3 hours for a queue that leaves little time at the end the day to continue to play. I’m sure you have a job and work a lot so you should know this.

“People have Lives” That excuse is outdated.

Gamers even with a job can find time to wait in a queue. Neither a Queue or a Job has prevented gamers from gaming. If it does you, well that’s you.

Ags is dumb as all hell, imagine messing up a what technically is a rerelease to get people back into the game the same exact way they did the first time around

Your “i have no life” colors are showing. Also you’re being weird and have no actual constructive point here. Almost the same as the “Get good” mentality lmao

So if gamers can manage time better than you clearly can’t that’s a “no life” Oh this ought to be good.

So since you’re basically on the forum to cry. How many hours have you been in queue? or did you bitch out at 10m?

Yep, others will be headed to Great Cleeve before you see the beach.

You’ll never catch up. Kinda feels like real life.