Disable trading between players - too much spam in chat

I think it’s time to disable trading between players. This system is causing alot of problems.


  • scammers. These players claim they have 200 profession skill and as soon as you trade the materials they disconnect. Players are too trusting and trading breeds opportunity for scammers.
  • all chat channels including global, help, syndicate, area are being spammed with “wts void ore”, where players even spam the same message 3 times in a row. I’ve even seen all chat channels being used to buy/sell tier 1 stuf like animal hide and cooking ingredients
  • an environemnt for coin sellers to practice their illegal RMT. This one is quite obvious and is the main reason why trading between players shouldn’t have been a thing to begin with.
  • companies lose coin because tax evasion. Coin should reach the vaults of companies that own settlements so that we can have upgraded crafting stations and 3 day bufs through town projects. Players being able to trade among themselves and not use the trading post affects game progression as everyone depends on crafting stations at least.
  • coin beggars.
  • gambling. This has become a recent practice. Players got banned for it and it’s only encouraged because trading between playersis exists.
  • duping items/coin. I’m not sure if this has been resolved but from what I read here in the forums, the trading function has mostly been used for duplicating revenue.

We already have the trading post and buy orders. Trading between players should be removed for alot of reasons, as I mentioned above. There’s so little benefit from this system and is heavily outweighted by the problems it is causing.

Trading between players needs to go for a better game balance and fairplay.
Before you disagree with me, please try to weight the pros and cons of having such a system in the game. In my opinion, it’s not really worth it.

what they could do, is add another channel called “auction”, wont get rid of all the spam, but gives a more central place to do it… but, since the chat is already so clunky, probably wouldn’t work anyhow.

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When people spam the same message in all channels, report them for spamming. If you find that there are more trade messages than you care to read, stop following the channels that they’re being posted in.

@Cheallaigh 's suggestion of an auction channel might make the latter more reasonable since it would make it obvious that all trading should happen in that channel so it’s easier for players to decide if they want to see those messages or not, but it would also be like an official promotion by AGS for circumventing trading posts. I strongly disagree that direct trading between players should be disabled (it’s riskier, hence the reward of avoid taxes, which makes it theoretically balanced), but I also don’t think that AGS should be actively promoting such behavior.

Lmao this has to be the most self centered post in this forum so far


I don’t agree with you.

I understand how you feel because I hate when people spam chat with their garbage items or even Bind on Pickup items every 2 seconds saying WTS WTS.

BUT I’ve become one of those people who’ve spent the last 8 days farming void ore 12 hours a day and selling it in chat. When I’m farming void ore, I’m not making money, I’m not increasing my water mark and its a grueling grind that most people don’t want to do. I want the most money for the work I’ve put in, I’m not losing 700 - 1000g to put it on a trade post so that it could ‘maybe’ sell it or the town owner hikes the taxes for no reason and I lose even more money if it does sell.

Here is a crazy simple solution, its usually a few people spamming chat with sell orders… Click on their names and choose the option ‘Mute Player’. Easy.

I am in a crafting company, none of my members are scammers.
We often make people things for materials, mainly because it saves on taxes and fee’s.
We also gather resources for one another.
If you got scammed, report the person. Don’t try to make it out to penalize every other player because something bad happened due to a few bad apple’s. Report them and they will . . .eventually. . .get banned. Maybe amazon will even get your stuff back?

Otherwise, find my company, we’ll make you things and not scam you.

Add “Trader” channel, mute players who insist on spamming across the other channels, profit.

I run as a duo with my wife with one of my characters - I shouldn’t be able to hand her the mats she uses and she should be able to hand me the ones I use after we finish a loop? We decided to specialize instead of both of us leveling the same crafting skills…you want to block us from doing that? Block group-mates from doing that? Block company members from feeding mats to their crafters? Hard pass.

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hubby and i do the same… i have more time to play so i take on the bulk of gathering etc and crafting, and have been doing it for decades. makes more sense, other than for fishing and engineering to do it that way in this game as well.

and games like eq and eq2, have both auction channels and market places. auction is used mainly for sigh LR and RMT, but also specialized made to order items.

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Hello fellow “Been gaming with my spouse for two decades.” club member, and good morning :slight_smile:


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Lesson learned: Don’t trust anyone you don’t know. This is no different from real life. If a scammer steals your money, you don’t go to the government asking them to shut down all banks, do you? Or… do you?

You can (and should) report players for spamming. Each message in the chat has a small “Report” button when you hover your mouse over the message. I don’t think you’re alone in your being annoyed.

Coin sellers and gold farmers have been a part of the MMO universe ever since MMOs were a thing. Keep reporting them, that’s the only thing that can be done. Gold sellers don’t need player trade to run their business. Many gold sellers tell you to put up a specific item for auction at a specific price, let’s say if you buy 10k gold, they may ask you to put up 8 Flint for auction at 1250g each. It’s more difficult to prove that a Trading Post transaction was a goldsell because there’s no direct interaction between characters.

Direct trading is NOT a tax evasion. This particular argument is utterly insane and extremely dumb. I’m not even going to go into details.

There’s a nice feature in the game where you can ignore players.

Well then, don’t gamble.

This has been fixed and bans are still being handed out, so this whole point is irrelevant.

… In conclusion, the only valid complain you’ve listed is people spamming chat channels. Disabling player trades does nothing to fix that. Have a nice day!

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There’s nothing self-centered about this post. The entire community could benefit from this change.

I did not said that any player that advertises 200 crafting skill is a scammer. However, there are plenty of cases where people got scammed and it’s a common occurrence.

Yeah, I know and understand what you are talking about. I’ve seen it being done, but disabling player trading won’t remedy the issue at it’s root. Getting rid of the scammers will. . .but that’s kind of a reliance on amazon deal.
Honestly I think the practice is disgusting and shows the character of some of the people playing games now days.

This is not a post about me. As I said above, this is feedback on how to make the game a better environment for players to co-exist in. RIght now chat is a mess and trading is being used for alot of bad reasons.
I’ve never been scammed, never gambled, etc.
For lack of better words, I called it tax evasion. Obviously I’m not referencing real life scenarios in a video game.

Well, and I’ve explain to you how your suggestion will only harm the players. No, thank you. Leave player trade in.

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nah, making it so no one else in the game can share items, because someone got ripped off? nahhh not selfish at all… i mean like it would prevent nimrods sure… but it would also prevent companymates, friends, and families from sharing items, no biggie…


In conclusion, your post is noise. Haven’t seen a single argument.

Tnx for confirming what I just said.

You can still share items via the trading post. There’s no need for trade.