Disable trading between players - too much spam in chat

you are playing the wrong game
go play single player games




It wouldn’t cut back on spam. People would just spam their market orders instead. 100g cheaper than most expensive!!

Everything else is irrelevant to the point at hand, which is disabling trading to cut back spam and scam, except the former is people trying to sell and the latter is against the rules as is anyway so just report scammers. And spammers, really.

Just don’t announce it. They’ll get their bumhole brigade out and mass reporting you since AGS ardently refuses to admit there’s a problem with people mass reporting for no reason or in retaliations.

Except it costs money and can get sniped unless you rework the entire trading post and if they do that please let them focus on the interface and search options. Given their track record I’d prefer projects stuck to one focus.

I have no idea why you think making NW the single, lone MMORPG on the market which has no trade function is going to help it, but I speak quite gladly for everyone here when I say you are extremely alone in thinking this is a good idea.

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dude, i play with my husband, lmao not sharing items except via trading post? that’s really, really asinine.

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There would be less spam if the trade post fees weren’t horrendous. If you have an expensive item you’re going to lose hundreds of coin just to the listing fee whether it sells or not.

Most of the trade chat spam I see on my server is for high value items.

Bro, just because people want to talk politics and philosophy in global doesn’t mean New World should stop people who you know…actually are talking about stuff in the game like selling stuff.

I think selling stuff in global is fine, idc about listening to people’s random other topics

Except anyone who plays with friends, spouses, partners, or fellow company members who trade things between themselves…except all of them, of course. :slight_smile:

It is indeed. And good morning :slight_smile:

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