DIsabling Wealth Transfer is a Step too Far

Really, you guys need to stop falling back to disabling wealth transfer. At face value, it seems relatively harmless - people can go without trading for a few days. But in reality, it basically shuts the entire game down. Your response to the symptoms causes more harm to the game than the illness (exploit) itself.

Again? This is what, the fifth time they’ve shut down one of the pillars of the game?

So you are OK with letting the exploiters launder their ill gotten gains through wealth transfer?

It’s almost as though there’s a possibility to punish the exploit abusers without shutting down the economy for everyone.

when you say “almost” what you really mean is non-existent.

Well fuck. I must have been having a fever dream for the last 30 years then when every other online game just flags the accounts of those with duped items and bans them rather than shutting down the economy. Long dream.

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I think the problem is that you have conflated the existence of common best practices in game design and management with what AGS has done.

oof yeah closing down of the AH and personal trades kinda shuts everything down,you cant sell orbs anymore so nobody wants to run them…cant just go get resources off the AH so now you have to run the whole map and hope someone else hasnt gotten everything already…and the attendance numbers are only getting lower…this is getting rough to watch.

Yes. As I said in the OP, that is less harmful to the game than disabling wealth transfer.

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I disagree

Understood. My thinking is as follows: one response essentially shuts down the game for X days. The other doesn’t.

None of us have ever played an MMO whose economy hadn’t been impacted by duping or other exploits at some point. The reality is that such incidents create temporary spikes or troughs in very limited market segments, and in-game response from the game runner serves to mitigate these impacts.

Heck, I’d bet dollars to donuts that the in-game economic cost of shutting down wealth transfer handily outweighs the economic detriments of laundered ill-gotten gains.

Look to the real world for examples. When there is a run on a stock, the markets halt trading for that stock, they don’t shut down the entire market. Completely shutting down the economy is a big freaking hammer, but not every exploit is a nail.

I agree. Not only are they extremely slow about fixing their screw up when they close the markets and trading but there’s not really a need to do so. Any other studio would hot fix this BS within hours. These people will shut off 90% of the game and more less make it unplayable for over a week while they tinker fuck around trying to figure out where they screwed up in their spaghetti code.

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