Disappearance of Gold

I transferred 10k gold to my Guild from our stash of 14k +. The gold didn’t arrive in the Guild bank and when I checked my inventory, I had no gold at all, not even the remainder of 4k. I filled two feedback reports in with no response. My character is Lady Vale on Amenti and the transfer took place whilst in the town of Weaver’s Fen. Please check the logs and amend my gold please, as it’s disheartening trying to raise it all again.

Hello @pike62.

I hope you’re doing well.

I am sorry to hear that 10k of your gold is missing and hasn’t been reimbursed.

Before proceeding with any further guidance, I would like to know when it happened? How many hours/days it’s been since the gold went missing.

Please let me know, I’ll be waiting for your response.

Have a wonderful day ahead! :confetti_ball:

Hi, it was around approximately midday on Friday 21st January. My Governor Peanut can corroborate the loss and non appearance of the transferred money.


Oh, it’s been around 5 days. Apologies.

Generally, if there’s some glitch, the gold automatically goes where it’s supposed to be within 3-4 hours automatically.

In your case, I believe we need to step forward and file a ticket directly to the developers. They’ll be able to check your In-game logs and find the root cause of the problem to fix it.

I would request you to contact customer support so they can raise a separate ticket to the developers for your issue.

Contact them by visiting : New World - Support | Amazon Games

Once they receive the logs for your particular account, they’ll be able to provide you a resolution.

You can also refer to this forum post while contacting customer support to save your time.

Have a cheerful day! :smiley:

Hi, the only support possible seems to be providing feedback, which I did immediately and a day later after the loss. I’ve heard nothing since. Is there another way?


Yes, as I mentioned, our customer service associates can contact developers via tickets. That’s what I suggested in the above post. Submitting feedback is surely a good option however in your case reaching out to developers can be helpful as well.

Just connect with one of our agents, share this forum post link for reference, they’ll might probably for logs and that’s it.

Developers will be able to dive deep in the issue that you’re facing.

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