Disappointment, that's all

For those who don’t know, after months without shield users being able to finish their build due to shield attributes (up to 15 points) disappearing when changing weapons, what seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel was simply destroyed.

After an announcement that this “mechanics” had been fixed and we could finally keep the attribute with both weapons, we received news that it will not be implemented yet.

Disappointment, that’s all.


Give the tanks some love!

Them homies stand on points all day getting tossed around like a soup and salad combo from the garden

This issue has been around for so long I’m actually shocked


it’s more than clear that we are a “lirrelevant class” in this game, with less priority for everything!

Honestly when they added mutations I thought they would show sword and shield some love. A class so essential to the game should be somewhat playable in PvP.

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It seems like it’s getting worse, every time it just adds bugs and doesn’t fix something that’s been around since the game’s launch.

Just put all the attributes on the sword and the armor (or whatever other stats) on the shield.

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The sword and shield is good in PvP. Not a high constitution sword and shield, though. That build is really only useful for war. You’re probably better off playing a heavy healer in OPR than tank. You’ll survive longer and you can at least heal your team.



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It’s sad that we have to come to the forum daily complained to have the slightest chance of being remembered.

If only we could tank with GA/WH… they would buff tanks every patch.

Dang, was hoping to try SnS/BB in the next patch. Seems like a cool combo. Just stats missing still I guess.

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unless you specifically like to play with a shield, there is NO benefit to using a sword in your build. On the contrary, you start with 6 bugs.


They legit have no idea what they are doing. It is blind leading blind in the hope that someone can see the light at the end of a tunnel that never ends.

It is clear that something is wrong with their system, it could be at dev level or at community manager/moderator level, either way something needs to change or they are going to keep losing players.

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they will continue to live on player peaks, while they don’t have something solid, they won’t have a consistent and high player base.

It’s a vicious cycle of bugs taking too long to fix, poor communication, and the fixes themselves creating additional bugs.

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this is serious!

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