Discard is broken

  • You cannot discard from the bank
  • You cannot discard in the same spot where you are standing, you must move slightly in order to discard.

I found out about this problem after you, without any warning, changed the way that the market worked with Potions from unlimited stacks, to 1 stack. This created an overload in my bank. I tried to delete from the bank, I cannot, so I moved potions to my person to discard, and I discover that I have to move to discard.

So I try to move - but I cannot because I am encumbered

So I hit unstuck, that moved me away from the bank, and I discarded but once again… I cannot move.

So - the game is entirely unplayable for me until this is fixed… or enough time passes so that I can discard enough stacks to move.

It’s very perplexing for you to make such a change to the market without ensuring that people had the ability to discard items.

Nevermind! I figured out how to drag and drop and discard

an 1100 pound limit on discarding? Why? :unamused:

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