Disconnect Grace Period

I think the server health would feel much better if there was a disconnect grace period.

Today, I HAD to log out because none of the crafting stations were working… (this also has to happen when the compass glitches out. No way to fix that except to log out)
But… in order to do that, I now have to wait 4 hours to get back into a game I had no intention of leaving just because I couldn’t do a key element of the game.

I’m happy with the launch, cause the servers are running extremely smooth ONCE you’re on them, but seriously… even just a 1 min grace period for re-logs or random discos…
That would make or break this ongoing server issue in one way.


Great idea que time for my server is so bad
otherwise i agree game runs smooth issue are small minus que problems

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up up up

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Yeah, for me it’s really only the queue problems

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