Disconnecting & Queue

You have to wait 4+ hours at the very least to get in the game, then your internet connection has a little flick and you disconnect for a brief moment, and now you have to wait another 5 hours to get in the freaking game.

Since the game even after so many tests it still buggy as hell and the queues are insane, why isn’t there like a queue priority or reconnect or something for the players that bug or get disconnected for a brief moment… Whaat is this… I spend 5 hours queue to play 2 hours and then wait another 5 hours in queue…


I disconnected in the past 2 days.
I play on one of the least populated servers in EU, still, we got like 1.5 to 2.5k people in queue all the time.

So, for a 5 second lagspike I get disconnected from the game.
The only way to get back in, is to wait 4-5 hours in queue, sometimes way more.

If you disconnect during queue time, you lose your position and have to wait in line once more.

I made a detailed thread about the issue if you want to check it out.
This game is unbelievable…

There should be a 10 minute grace period on disconnecting both in-game and in the queue.

three times today
queue for 2 hours …

I would like to express my support and thankx to all dev, IT wizzards and all others who are currently working till they drop !
For the people that are in charge of planning : they’re already corrupted, so … This was supposed to be the grand introduction of Amazon Games, wow :ok_hand: If anything at all, you people with impressive job titles managed to put off a lot of potential MMO players with this disastrous launch. Thank you, and may Jeff bless you !

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