Discord Conversation to Devs

  1. Doc Atomos Today at 12:16 PM

Yeah, trying to be optimistic, the game has come a long way in a years time. Hopefully soon we will have new servers to play on. Either make fresh start servers and/or transferable servers.

  1. C Today at 12:16 PM

for that matter, I’m doubting there’s any real pop growth… nor that Amazon would know what to do if they had it

  1. Doc Atomos Today at 12:17 PM

Game just needs to overhaul the war system, shell companies and income distribution. I have more confidence in AGS devs than Blizzard devs.

  1. C Today at 12:17 PM

oh yeah, I do too. but that is just damning them with faint praise. I wouldn’t classify them even has high as mediocre right now
they need someone in leadership with MMO experience and leads with something similar
and an adequate QA team

  1. Doc Atomos Today at 12:19 PM

devs are trying though, trying with being transparent and roadmaps. Better than many of the big name companies out there. Riot may be the only big name doing a better job listening to the community
Final Fantasy team has done a good job too in recent years.

  1. !## C Today at 12:21 PM

yeah, but they have strong leadership
(and a fanatical fan base because of it)
I couldn’t name anyone on the NW team right now. just sort of describe them from the videos
but yet I can name FF folks despite only having played their game for about 2 weeks

  1. Doc Atomos Today at 12:23 PM

yeah, but me being optimistic here, they (AGS) have made serious strides. If they continue the pace they are going New World will be beyond incredible in 2023.

  1. C Today at 12:23 PM

agreed and I’d love to be optimistic but I can only think of one MMO that beat the first impression from launch
so I don’t expect to see a bunch of returning people. and THOSE people are still talking about how bad it was

  1. Doc Atomos Today at 12:39 PM

I’m old school. I played DoaC, WoW, Warhammer, gw2, ect all at launch. They all sucked. Just wasn’t better options at the time and definitely not click bait streamers who was nonstop negative just to get views. I think New World’s biggest problem atm is marketing. I think the game of New as is stands right now is a much better product. I feel like if they released the game last year as it is right now the negative press it got would have been far less. Game still needs to overhaul the war system, shell companies and income distribution though, and add great sword and daggers!

War systems aren’t going to fix New World, even if they’re overhauled. They’re a symptom, not the problem.

You’re not going to drum up interest for PvP in a game that’s heavily gear-based with huge amounts of RNG determining the quality of gear. Casual people want to win because they played better, not because they have more hours logged.

The game’s combat and design has been molded to support the gear-based system from what was originally a system (in Alpha) that more heavily favored skill.

First step in fixing a problem is acknowledging a problem.


With the devs? How is this a conversation with devs? All I see is a discord convo with some random.

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what’s the point of this

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I feel like I’m listening into a Party Line back in the 1980’s.

Also, I just dated myself.

Like here we are… at a public park, overhearing someone talk very loudly and with emphasis.

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