Discord Mega-Server (Maldonada)

Hello people of Maldonada!

We’ve just created a Discord mega-server specifically for the people of Maldonada!

Come join and use our market, talk amongst your peers in global and faction chats, recruit for your Company, and more! come check it out!

Why though?
We thought it’d be neat to have a mega server with which we have high hopes of connecting all of Maldonada even when you’re not online in-game.

What we do here?
We hope to use this as a central communication hub for everyone in the Maldonada server as a means of communication outside of game, ease of contacting friends, finding groups to do dungeon runs, and even as a place to sell your goods and recruit for your company!

Is this all?
No! There is much more in the works that we have planned to implement on the server, this is only the beginning!

So what’s planned?
Many things, but a lot of which won’t be available until we get a decent community to help out via server Boosts.
To list a few updates;

  • Booster Rewards: Special server booster rewards to give back to those who are literally the foundation of the server. highest priority

  • Server Vanity URL: A custom URL “Maldonada” for ease of inviting. server boosting required

  • Giveaways: We think it’d be great to be able to give back to the community! Who doesn’t like free stuff?!

  • Tournaments: Imagine having community wide PvP tournaments to flex on your peers and win some serious rewards!

  • Dedicated Bot: Wouldn’t it be cool to have a bot to be able to just punch in a command to look up player stats, the current value of an item in the marketplace?

Join the Discord!

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