Discussion about Net Shot Bugs/Disabled Perks

So, what was the reason for disabling barbed netting and apparatus for over two weeks? I was excited to hop on before work and see if the ability was finally fixed, but it turns out it still misfires into the ground.

Is it really acceptable to disable key perks on a key ability for over two weeks, when the ability is bugged and misses half the time with no fault to the user? Obviously I’m highly annoyed with the rate at which these bugs are fixed, but this just feels half-assed. Some transparency would be nice.


It is absurd. Even when playing Net Shot with the Fast Hands perk, the net will occasionally touch down on the ground, forcing you to aim your reticle higher than you actually should to hit someone with it. We definitely need to hear some sort of progress on this bug.

TrickTrick reported this in PTR back on Oct 7, never got fixed coming into Live, the Apparatus and Barbed Netting upgrades have been disabled for two weeks, and this recent patch did nothing to fix it (as you demonstrated in your linked video).

But re-enabled they are nonetheless… :roll_eyes:

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