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PTR: January Release Notes - Patch 2

Please note that this list is not all encompassing and is intended as an early look into a number of changes included within the most recent PTR build. This change list will be regularly updated, up through retail release of the game version.

PTR Backstories

  • Playtester bags have had their GS significantly increased, providing players with a lot more inventory space.
  • Playtester gear containers have had their weight removed — however, we still advise only opening containers that you need in order to prevent immediately overpopulating your inventory with unnecessary items.
  • The “Playtester Vial of Azoth” item now grants Azoth as expected.

World Experience

Fast Travel

  • New Fast Travel shrines have been unearthed!
    • Excavated Shrine added at the Amrine Excavation.
    • Starstone Shrine added to the North East wall of the Shattered Obelisk Complex.
    • Shiresad Shrine added just outside the entrance to The Depths.
    • Genesis Shrine added in front of the Garden of Genesis entrance.
    • Melpomene’s Shrine added below the Siren’s Amphitheatre.
    • Lazarus Shrine added next to the entrance to the Lazarus Instrumentality.

Expedition AI

  • Blighted Greenskeeper
    • Reworked the VFX on the Blighted Greenskeeper to be more visible to players.

World PTR Fixes and additions

  • Fixed an issue where Festering II still allow player to be healed at 20 stacks.
  • Fixed an issue where some enemies are not being counted for scoring purposes in Mutated Expeditions.
  • Fixed an issue where a Negative Mutator Score appears to grant positive Mutator Ranking.
  • Fixed an issue where AI do not gain the benefits of Empowered buffs while in mutated Expeditions.
  • Fixed an issue where players can avoid the starting line of Dynasty Shipyard.
  • Fixed an issue where damage over time effects activate Paranoia.
  • Fixed a crash that occurs during final boss encounter of dynasty shipyard.
  • Fixed an issue where players are able to go AFK in Outpost Rush and avoid being kicked.
  • Fixed an issue where players cannot complete Major corrupted Portal event in Monarch’s Bluffs.
  • Addressed Warden Ducquet missing localized VO while the player approaches to interact.
  • Fixed and issue where Camps are not upgraded when level and/or quest requirements are met.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to turn in faction missions.

Quests/Missions Fixes

  • Fixed issues with Carrionstar Ancients not present at Izar or Crux for Faction missions.
  • Fixed issue with Mourning Bridge RAID Faction Missions that can’t be completed.
  • Fixed issue with Cornil Reynolds, Edengrove Watcher missing VO and having no lipsync during “Down Reekwater Way” quest.
  • Removed Duplicate Quest entries in data


  • Outpost Rush Game Mode
    • Increased the Azoth cost of Brute tokens from 500 Azoth to 750 Azoth.
    • Summoning Stones are now dropped on death.
    • Summoning Stones now have a rarity associated with them. Epic for Bear and Wraith Tokens, and Legendary for Brute Tokens. This should make it clear to players when they are dropped by other players.
    • Outpost Rush Alpha Wolf will no longer summon minions.
    • Outpost Rush gatherables no longer have weight.
    • Baroness Hain’s Ice Mines now slow the player by 30% for 3s instead of staggering the player.
    • Water can no longer be gathered in Outpost Rush.
    • Added two additional gate points on the sides of each team’s spawn.
    • Increased the cooldown on the Outpost Rush Brute’s Corrupted Ball.
    • Outpost Rush Brutes will now be much less likely to use their Corrupted Ball spell when players are inside of the fort.

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed issue where various status effect removals were resulting in a buff applying indefinitely.
  • Fixed issue where the Bow Concussion ultimate was applying to all attacks and not just headshots.
  • Fixed issue where Mending Protection wasn’t functioning properly. To fix the issue the following changes were made:
    • Updated Mending Protection be able to be re-applied by any Orb Of Protection heal, even the recovery form Protector’s Blessing.
    • To compensate for that the duration has been shortened and the effect of it has been reduced.
    • Previously it was 5%-40% for 5s that only applied as the ability was initially used, now it is 5%-25% for 3s but that duration can be refreshed with each tick of recovery and additional applications of Orb of protection.
  • Fixed issue where the great axe Reap ability was not dealing damage when both The Collector Modifier and the Gravity Passive were unlocked.
  • Fixed issue that was prevalent in the PTR where the void gauntlet’s cooldown reduction was being triggered by DoT Ticks.
  • Fixed issue where players were able to jump cancel the bow firing recovery. There is now a 10 frame delay from when an arrow is released before a jump can be triggered.
  • Fix to permanent disease and slow being applied in pvp.
  • Fixed bug that did not allow Ancient Bear Paw to be used in crafting.

End Game Update Part 2 & Umbral Upgrade System

  • General Enhancements & QoL Improvements
    • We addressed an issue where Gypsum casts were only providing +1 bonuses when opening above gear score 585 for an item. Now, upgrades from Gypsum Casts from 585 to 600 should be at least +2 except when expertise is 599.


Housing Tax

For full context, once this patch goes to live, the following conditions will be applied: as a make-good for the players impacted by the server clock issues experienced in Nov 2021, we reduced housing tax costs for all players by 90% based on the tax % set by companies that owned the territories. We communicated with that change that we would revert those tax breaks in a future update (which is now). In the time the tax break has been active however, it has brought to light an imbalance in wealth disparity which was punishing for home owners, and as such, have decided to tighten the housing tax band. We will continue to examine player reception and data around this issue. We are adjusting them going forward to be more fair for home owners and companies. We are focused on evaluating and continually tuning the overall wealth distribution and impact of the territory tax system.

In this patch we have:

  • Reverted the make good 90% housing tax reduction (will impact the Live servers only)
  • Updated housing tax minimum band to 2.5% down from 5%
  • Updated housing tax maximum band to 10% down from 20%
  • Updating default housing tax to 5% down from 10%

Aptitude Rewards
With the introduction of trade skill aptitude we imbalanced the gain of Azoth Vials which made them too plentiful, and the excess of these items for some players was causing damage to the overall value of Azoth Vials as a reward. Since these can be traded we want to make sure they stay rare and special. We will continue to watch player sentiment and data here to see if further adjustments are needed.

  • Removed azoth vials from T1 Aptitude gathering chests.
  • Reduced azoth vials from T2 Aptitude gathering chests to 1-2 down from 2-3
  • Reduced azoth vials from T3 Aptitude gathering chests to 1-3 down from 3-5
  • Reduced azoth vials from T1 Aptitude crafting & refining chests to 0-1 down from 2-3
  • Reduced azoth vials from T2 Aptitude crafting & refining chests to 1-2 down from 2-3
  • Reduced azoth vials from T3 Aptitude crafting & refining chests to 2-3 down from 3-5


  • Fixed a bug where players under level 60 were able to get gypsum from darkness events. Players must be level 60 now to start earning gypsum from those events.
  • The Surgeon, Pit Lord Daehi, Baines, and Mordici The Mortician previously did not drop battle trophy materials. This has been fixed so they now drop battle trophy mats.


  • Fixed an issue where Timeless Shards were not being consumed while crafting.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Maker’s Mark Hatchet to incorrectly display as legendary with an extra perk in the crafting menu.
  • Updated art for Energizing Light Ration and Energizing Travel Ration to better represent the ingredients used to create them.
  • Fixed “Blackened Mandje Mandje with Corn Succotash” recipe that actually requires a Lava Barb. The recipe title now references the correct fish.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing players from crafting GS 600 arcana items using Winter Patterns.

Gear and Loot

  • Fixed an issue where certain 600 gear score named items were increasing your Expertise.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lazarus Bow had less dexterity than other bows at its tier and gear score. It now has an equivalent amount of dexterity.
  • Fixed an issue where the earring “Pedal” could not be repaired.
  • Fixed an issue with Wheel of Time skin, Egwene’s Cloak, where it would stretch with certain animations.


  • Sped up leveling for the mid game levels of 23-45 by 20%. We saw that mid game leveling was taking a bit long and did not match pacing of the content we had, so we sped up mid game progression by 20%.

Expedition Tuning Orbs:

  • Materials used to craft Expedition Keys: Chisels, and Corrupted Fragments, Shards, Crystals, and Lodestones are now tradeable.
  • Expedition Mutator Tuning Orbs can be crafted once per week and also have been added to the Faction Shops and can be purchased there once per week.
  • To keep parity with Expedition Mutator Tuning Orbs, normal Expedition Tuning Orbs for Dynasty Shipyard, Garden of Genesis, and the Lazarus Instrumentality have been added to Faction Shops and can each be purchased once per week.
  • To reduce the cost of all items in inventory taking durability damage on death, we made a change so that only Bound items take durability damage on death.
  • On the PTR, a cooldown was accidently applied to the Covenant Faction Shop’s “Chunk of Consecrated Iron” instead of the “Mutated Expedition Tuning Orb”, this has been corrected.

UX, UI, & Social

  • Added a new loading screen tooltip to help explain how the strong against / weak against mechanics work

In-Game Store

  • Décor Packs now display number of furniture items included in pack.
  • Store items can now simultaneously display that they are on sale and that they are available for a limited time
  • Currency symbols now correctly display properly for all regions

Trading Post

  • Fixed an issue causing the Trading Post’s “Sort by Time” function to function incorrectly. It will now properly sort by time since the item was sold instead of alphanumerically.
  • Inventory should no longer scroll back to the top after closing the sell window (whether you sell or cancel) on the Trading Post.

Notable Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where companies who own more than one territory were not getting merge reimbursements. Companies are now compensated depending on the number of territories they own (rather than a flat amount).
  • Fixed issue that sometimes caused Corrupted Breach icons to not appear on the map
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused items to not appear repaired after a player repairs all
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the incorrect items to trade when trading from a split stack
  • Fixed a number text overlapping issues in the UI (weights on inventory categories, gem descriptions, item icons in storage when viewed from the map)
  • Some Timeless Shard icons where showing the icon for the incorrect weight. This is fixed now
  • Fixed a bug where Eternal Pool Arena boss music could be heard right outside of the Eternal Pool Arena
  • Fixed a bug where sounds were not always playing at Navarro’s Kitchen
  • Adjusted the way mission tooltips dock (they now dock to the side of the tiles), to make it easier to read detailed info on missions
  • Added a sound for when players capture points during an Outpost Rush
  • Fixed a bug where players could not always hear Snap the Wolf when accepting the Snap’s Blessing quest
  • Fixed server crash that likely stemmed from territories abandoned by their governors
  • Fixed a discrepancy between server, client, and system clock timing in war declaration screen
  • Fixed an issue where the map was reporting that there was an Upcoming Invasion when there was actually an Upcoming War.
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Still looks like they are going though with this…huge mistake. Still didnt even bother to add a way to earn shards in PvP/invasions/etc. Just terrible.


what is that?

This isn’t the end of the world but dang man. Really enjoyed how many I got and honestly was a huge reward for hitting 200. Also we still have to go out and grind these materials again to get these vials so its not like we instantly get rewarded. Hope yall keep it how it is at the moment as a passive reward.

This hurts me to be honest. I was really holding hope that yall would open the flood gates to allow mutators to be crafted/bought much more than this. Even if we were allowed three a day. Most groups are gonna struggle to complete these mutator runs let alone. We need to be able to have it skilled based holding us back not time.

Everything else I saw was VERY pleasing and I enjoyed it. I think its a step in the right direction but please reconsider the Azoth rewards and especially the key systems. Other than that great job and thanks for the time and effort!!

@Luxendra @Shadow_Fox


Where are the weapon balance patch notes? And the blunderbuss? The only things I was actually looking for.

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Wait what? Does this mean us spending hours farming Baines was pointless?

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I’m thinking of the PTR patch notes getting upset seeing more timegated content. As we stand now a majority of what we can do has been locked out behind the bars. Sure the mutators should be a true end-game and be left off to the very best of players - but depending on the purchase cost, this might be shifted to whoever owns more gold.

I believe having a chance to get back maybe 40%-60% of the house investment would keep our housing budget fluid - sure we would have to offset remaining % though we would get more options and add more variety. If I didn’t have to pay full house price every single time, I’d move around the map or get more expensive properties. For now with my 65K budget at hand, such investment far exceeds it’s benefits.

Essentially the areas between 0-45 (other than Everfall, Windsward and Brightwood) are not populated. And so it snowballs the storage-effect, the storage space I wish I could access freely at any given time, either by buying the house or using fast travel.

Or scailing return fee with the area level? Food for thought.

If you reduce Azoth travel cost while reducing Azoth Vials as intended- the change might not be as effective for us. If the cost between WW and Myrk is ~350, right now we would have to use 7 vials on average. A full 1000 cap lasts for 3 to 4 travels. While running elite zones we have to jump to Ebonscale, Reekwater, Shattered Mountains and Edengrove - getting little Azoth back.

Through casual 2h of gameplay I could easily burn 2K of azoth - mind the storage system isn’t most player-friendly and so even a single mistake as to not taking ori ingots from one storage to another might cost us two-way journey. On top of course us the crafting.

The price of those vials stays around 15g on my server and I don’t feel like the price is gonna drop. That still proves to be profitable for people selling them off.

We really need better score calculator in OPR. The one that reflects an actual effort - stealing kills or hunting PvE mobs being the go-to score-maker is stupid. So many times I didn’t even get a chest as if I was there standing for 20 minutes doing nothing.

Wardrobe! With mutators coming up the fact we will be juggling between various sets is essential! The amount of items that we have right now (combat, gathering, refining and crafting) and swapping back and forth without designated button makes the game less fun and less fluid. Given we can’t access inventory while running makes it even worse.

Some form of timekeeping to keep an eye on all the cooldowns you got implemented. I hate such system where I have to go through each crafting station, each refining station and write down the time I have opened elite chest infuriates me.

I respect your time and effort, and so I would appreciate you respecting ours. I’m an adult who has work and life outside the game - I don’t want to be scheduling my time around the game and cooldowns within it.

And last thing is adjustments to crafted gear. Why on earth we get perks that have nothing to do with certain attribute and weapon type? Wouldn’t having it reduced the higher the GS the less chances of an absolute trash rolling out be a bit more rewarding for the player? Maxing out crafting by itself takes a massive amount of time to begin with. And crafting legendary items or even those over 580 requires grinding for mats as well - a lot of it trully.

All the fixes and stuff sounds nice, but in essence we’re still waiting for meaningful addition that is gonna make us feel like playing the game, and not wasting time.

We’re all here for a reason guys, despite all the lament - we want NW to be what it can be, given the potential it has.

So that is my 5c.


Aptitude Rewards is the biggest bullshit I’ve ever seen and it destroyed the market and it destroys the whole endgame of the game.

legendary materials should be difficult to obtain and not suitable for everyone. Now everyone who has lvl 200 will get it for free.

Large companies that own cities such as WW, EF, BW now buy legendary materials from the market and are able to easily create endgame gear for all the players I need for war. And in a little while without much effort because there is so much material that people get rid of it in order to make money

I accept a lot of mistakes and bad changes. But this is too much and that’s why I stopped wasting time in the game. Basically, I’m just waiting for the last update, when I decide whether the price should continue.

I’m sorry for my bad english…but I’m still forced to use translations

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Ouch… pays to read the bugs forums :frowning:

No balance and no new weapons this patch.
We MIGHT get some balance changes in february, but we won’t get a new weapon until March <—-earliest if they focus on bug fixes in february like they said they will.

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They realy need to change legendary mats to epic quality and make asmodium, runic leather ebony and all those daily crafts to legendary.

Tone def change, that has zero impact on the complaint. Just reading the way that was phrased made me ill. It’s silly as the azoth changes.

This allows those of us who don’t have either time or gold to refine legendary materials that we wouldn’t otherwise get - unless you get enough time competing with bot-like folks mining ori-ore all day long.

On my server likes of asmodeum remains at the same price regardless. I see no major changes to the economy, and even more so it thrives since more people can afford crafting so the T1 mats are selling off quite nicely - which is win-win to those who gather and those who craft.

You are literally the first person I see complaining of aptitude rewards - would you rather keep getting unnecessary experience and get nothing for it? Or play running simulator with no azoth at hand?


a small step in the right direction, but not enough.
after all the feedback the last days about the Expedition/Mutation keys, the Dev team still decided that 2 Mutation Orbs per week is enough.

can’t help it, but i feel disappointed.



This one is going to make a lot of people mad lol.


NO!! because something that is legendary should also remain = inaccessible to all = casual players !!

I do not solve the price of items. I solve her quantity. The aptitude system made these “legendary items” basic material

The player should make some effort and especially time to reach the maximum in the game. Don’t get it for free. A system that allows casual gamers to reach the same maximum as hardcore gamers (no life players) kills the game. I’ve seen it before.

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You realise that nobody is gonna design the MMO for hardcore audience only? If you take away means for casuals to compete, the player base will plummet, since the people who do have responsibilities IRL will not commit 100% of their time to the game. And also there’s limited number of places to farm T5 mats, which on populated server might strip players chances of acquiring legendary materials altogether.

I wouldn’t call it basic. There’s been some data that shows the number of players who have reached 200 in gathering/refining/crafting and we’re talking of less than 10% of all players. Those who did get access to those materials thanks to aptitude might not even craft anything (like myself) since they’re stuck at per say - 154 armouring.

Sure there’s more those items available, but not to the extent of them becoming worthless - the price on my server did not change, and that is the key indicator.

What do they do? Sell. Or keep it in the storage. This allows more chances to craft, get gold and maybe even get BiS craft for some. Without such system there would be a few folks holding monopoly over the items and this wouldn’t be healthy for the economy as a whole.

Isn’t putting time and effort into grinding 200 a maximum? The fact that we might not have 24/7 to contest the best grinding places is understandable. Aptitude incentivize playing the game and gives means to catch up as a reward. Which makes a lot of sense since you want servers to be healthy and populated, not plagued with “hardcore” players only.

All in all I don’t agree that aptitude ruins the game. In fact it gives me more reasons to run around and play the game - instead of getting frustrated because some random Joe messages me saying “I’m here all the time, this is my spot”.


I absolutely respect your opinion on this matter. I am aware that you are right in many things and others will support you, but I simply stand by my opinion that some things should not be easily profitable for every player.

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I do get that. And there’s a lot of things that filthy casual like myself won’t get easily despite aptitude anyway.

BiS? Maybe one, with my 65K at hand it won’t give me much buying power.
Major trophies? No way.
Regular expedition orbs? Nope.

If you think of it, casuals still do not even stand close to where hardcore players are. Giving those mats out helps closing the gap and incentivises playing the game. I’m sure they will adjust the quantity of those mats if the economy starts to suffer, just like they do with azoth vials in PTR.

We’ll see. Take care!


Blunderbuss prob wont come out till atleast march, void gauntlet literally just came out in November