[Discussion] PTR: January Release Notes - Patch 3

Tuning Orbs do have value.

If I could run 20 Gen/Laz a day (especially with the legendary drop changes) without any cost at all it would just flood the economy.

I dislike the Tuning Orb system, but as the game stands today it’s a necessary evil to try and at least slow down the flood of Expedition drops.

Cheaper Tuning Orbs are a step in the right direction, and maybe down the road we can see them gone fully.

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i dont understand that gypsum orb change , they removed the cooldown , but you can only still get the same number of gypsum per day , so how does that change anything?

can anyone explain this?

I honestly hoped they meant they removed the raw gypsum timers. So that we can go about our business and farm whatever we want whenever we want, but the actual crafting is gated.

This would free up a lot of us “get off the schedule” where we all sit around town doing nothing all day since we’re stuck in CD hell.

If it’s just crafting, it’s not a useful change at all.


I think balancing the drops would be necessary of course. This might not be answerable by us as we are only a fraction of the community but being able to run 4 expeditions a week versus 14 but having the drop rates tweaked (they already pretty low actually for legendary named items, but will change with expertise update?) so that you received the same amount of rewards in either scenario. I would personally prefer to run the greater number even if the rewards are scaled run that in mind because it’s content that I would like to participate in.

I think people are stuck in both directions. You can’t remove them because economy (then tweak that part) or remove them as is without realizing the effect on the greater game. It’s definitely a complex issue.

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It helps in my case where I don’t always go fully collecting gypsums, so I have off numbers and when they add up I can’t just make two of the same orbs.

Thank you!

They kinda said it in the dev update for this ptr, but it would be minor changes and nothing big and so far there is nothing to hold em to it with these patches

Yup 100%, which is why I will take reduced cost as a win over removal. They aren’t going to re-balance Gen/Laz and Mutations 1-10 drop around 24/7 runs when they only have a week before they launch this PTR to live.

Either that or they would have to go the route of BoP everything which would be… not fun

if they only added the line removed the weekly cooldown for genesis and laz , i would be happy with the patch .
even if the reduce it to a daily one it would be miles better .
close to good changes , but not quite there at all . in other words this wont change much .


You’ll be able to buy those keys with faction tokens as well, so a net total more runs weekly at least

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In the most popular MMORPGs on the market, you can go run their dungeons all day if you choose to do so. Send this dungeon time gate crap back to 2004 and make New World into a modern game before another 20k players quit.


still 2 runs weekly , is really not enough , if you are using only your keys .

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i mean if it was a RAID then i would understand this timers , its a dungeon something they want us to do for endgame all the time and yet wont let us actually do it , i dont get it .


I could deal with daily honestly. Would be fun to run at least one per day. Suppose the issue is that this ends up being 5/day for teams. That’s difficult to balance. If you don’t have a dedicated team you do have disadvantage. Don’t think the answer is find more friends, I’m not sure. Having everyone consume an orb would better balance this but then you would almost need daily orbs and remove the cost.

It’s a tough fix but I think would be a huge benefit to the game.


Every game is different. In most popular MMOs you also can’t sell most of the gear you pull out of dungeons.

As I said, I would like it if mutations and gen/laz were not gated, but reduced cost on crafting the keys is a step in the right direction


yes , you get it , thats my whole problem with this patch , with mutators .

Indeed they are all different and this one has a collapsing population, so I think it’s valid to say that perhaps they need to look at what other people are doing.

There are a number of key areas that need addressing to help with player retention. Expeditions being a big one, PVP content, QoL issues (like CD timers, gear loadouts), etc, etc.

These are apparently future New Worlds problems :stuck_out_tongue:

If players are still playing today, they will likely continue to play for now. If you survived from launch to now, at this point your just along for the ride to see what happens next :upside_down_face:

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