Disease in PVP?

With the current meta, everyone is running some type of tanky melee, it’s just too good. You can outlive a 1v5 WITHOUT a healer, now add a healer. You’re unkillable UNLESS you are being 1v20’d (yes I’m serious). Even in some situations, a healer can out heal the damage of a 1v5.

Does no one run disease perks on their weapons? I remember when they added disease on hit perks and everyone was talking about how healing would be less effective, but that is completely FALSE. Seriously, I want to know…does no one run disease? or is it just complete trash to run? does it even work? It’s like we’ve forgotten about it. Thanks for listening to my rant.

I wanted to, but haven’t found any decent item to use it. At least on my server there is almost none on the market.

Played a lot of OPR these days and yes, if there are 2 or 3 healers near a big battle, no one dies for a long time. Just some random glass build that stands in the wrong place.

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Just gotta let the crafters craft and inflow the gear. It’ll take a bit.

disease perks are sheit.

AGS has already gotten alot of feedback on this but are not listening.

Experimented with the crit one on a rapier and IG…both 600 gs.

Perk is absolute garbage. If you do manage to get them under 50%, the 28% healing reduction is nothing…especially when factoring in that they have fortify up, as well as most using rapier to avoid damage…or running heavy (yes, heavy healers still exist).

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I run Plagued Crits on my Fire Staff. I think a critting fireball in a group of melees standing in a Sacred Ground gets the job done with a little support from friendly melees. Still testing but seems to help generate more red skulls. :slight_smile:

I thought that didnt work on abilities. cause that would be super op if it did.

VG orb
FS fireball
Hammer POD

and so on

It works on abilities and isnt super OP - you didnt even recognize it was doing that until today when someone told you.

i asked some people and they said no. I didnt test it. I dont have a leggo with plagued crits… im not rich

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