Dismissal of the governor/enemy heal?/Shield experience/ The balance of the economy?/ map

By Efemius from Server: Asgard EU Center, Company: Evilarium

Dissmissal of the Governor
Guys, somehow, I absolutely by accident, pressed the “leave” button from my own company, I was calmly kicked out of the company.

This is not good, the Governor should be prohibited from leaving the company. First, you need to transfer the leadership to another player. PS, if anyone cares about what happened to the Company, the Consul returned all rights to me.

Enemy heal?
I can’t say for sure, I haven’t had a chance to repeat the situation in the near future, but it is possible: A healer, throwing DoT heal on the ground in pvp mode, can heal enemies in PVP mode.

Shield experiences
Everywhere it is displayed that for crafting a shield, the skills of a Weaponsmithy are required, but in fact, the experience of an armorer is given, and the branch of an armorer is swinging, provided that only the Weaponsmith can be crafted … Guys, please make all the shields for the armorer, usually everything works like that.

The balance of the economy?

In the game, armor falls from various activities very often, this destroys the armor market. I propose to reduce the amount of armor and weapons that drop from activities. In complex dungeons there is a rare item that drops with random attributes and is very rare, or, only with the maximum pumping of armor, you can craft this duplicate with the characteristics you need.

Productions must have real weight, and the manufacturer must be indicated on each product produced.
I am a crafter in my clan, and at the moment, I do not really see the difference between my gear and faction, except for the variations of attributes and skins. I suggest making gear made by top crafters that is better than what is sold in the faction store. That is, suppose (The numbers are invented): We have gear, 15 lvl, for example, it has permissible values ​​of 310-325, hypothetically, then for pumped crafters, not only the difference in lvl on the gear expands, but also the difference in values ​​for lvl itself, and it turns out that the crafter will have 310-350 at 15 lvl. (All numbers are invented)

This way, crafters will have real weight for the game, and the economy will have weight.


Now the map has begun to lag very strongly. Quests from the compass often disappear, your mark in the group simply disappears, that is, everyone else can see you, but you are not yourself. The warning about leaving the territory of the event is simply bugged, and does not allow new updates, hiding a line of quests behind it.
I don’t really understand what broke in the game, but restarting to fix the bug is not the best way :slight_smile: (We came up with a joke on the first day of the game about "How to fix the game? Alt - F - 4 and wild laughter. P. don’t be offended, I know you are working and trying to do everything much better, just wish you good luck :slight_smile:

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