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Hello, my brother named Crab Puff plays with me on the Midian server. He has 200 armoring and had acquired 2 x armorers journals to improve his tropies. He logged in the next day and they dissapeared from his inventory. As he is so bummed over this and ready to quit this game we love I’m hoping someone can take action and look at his logs and see what happened to his expensive items. His loaded dice and others are still in inventory but the journals vanised. This is completely unacceptable for somebody who worked so long and hard to level and acquire thes items. Any help or correspondence would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

I’ve had two very important items disappear this week and a ton of people have been posting the same experiences on facebook. Super super annoying…

Hello @Octavia5817 ,

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I understand how your brother must be feeling to see the journals missing.

However,these kind of temporary error can reflect due to loss of files or corrupted files.

Please perform the steps below-

-Run Steam and New world as admin
-Run Integrity check-


Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files

-And relaunch the game

Then recheck the inventory and all storage containers as well -

You can check your storage containers by going to Map → clicking on a town → looking at their storage (so they don’t have to run around to all their containers).

Please let me know if this helps.

Thanks :slight_smile: :evergreen_tree: :sunflower:

Completely untenable. To grind so hard and stuff to randomly dissappear.

I will certainly have him perform these steps tomorrow as he is asleep. I will report back the findings for sure.

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