Dissenting topics are getting locked and unlisted

This is very concerning to say the least. Where is the transparency? I have no dog in this fight but this sort of cloak and daggers is disturbing.

(How long before this one gets the same treatment do you think?)


Well they are fixing the ability to have the same weapon type in both slots. I disagree that such an exploit is worth a permanent ban though. If anything AGS should hire a bunch of them and have them work on the test server if they build one. Get some real testing done.

the live servers are the test server :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


I was just writing a post about this and noticed yours.

I understand mods have to police forums to keep things running smoothly, even if their discretion may be questionable at times, but hiding threads from public view (if you don’t have the link)? Especially threads highlighting issues within the community? Players can’t question the almighty authority of AGS?

It’s not like anyone doxxed the streamer and uploaded all their personal info on the forum, which would absolutely be grounds for locking and hiding, or outright deleting the post. No, they called out a streamer for abusing a bug in front of an audience, which was basically a tutorial for HOW YOU TOO CAN TURN YOUR STAVE INTO A MACHINE GUN.

One of the few reasons to hide “controversial” or critical topics is to prevent the overall larger community from becoming aware of as a lesser known issue with a potentially large impact, aka damage control. Once something blows up, it’s not as easily swept under the rug.

Exploiters and the like should absolutely be called out, especially if they are streamers, because those people tend to have more influence due to their following (size varies), and some of their little peasants are bound to run off and try out the NEW HOT TRENDING META that helps them “win” the game. “If you’re not first, you’re last hurrrrrrrrr”

They should always be held to a higher standard and receive harsher punishment simply because of the fact that their actions are capable of creating widespread awareness of a problem, and then encouraging it’s use on top of that. Especially if they tell their audience, they’re going to just do it anyways when they aren’t streaming.


Too lazy to read / lack critical thinking: Burying problems bad, more see gooder.


Not surprised its regurgitated crap that most have read probably a dozen times from a dozen different sources.

Maybe it’s a TL4 user hiding the topics? Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog

It was a CM

I have had more than one thread deleted with no notification even…and an entire forum account closed off without notification. I opened tickets about both issues and no reponse.

I mean to be fair anyone going full machinegun kelly with staves probably learned it from youtube. There was videos even how to setup the macro the timings everything.

Comments like this demonstrate that even in the face of senseless human immortality there will always be apologists after the fact regardless if rooted in apathy or incentive.

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Fear not, reddit is still exists you can spam the same thing all day and everyday if you like, people there expect two pages of useless nonconstructive shit slinging.

Maturity, it seems is rare. Especially on these forums.

Your post gives me hope and shows that while the majority of cancel culture Karens run rampant with the sole purpose to destroy and ruin with joy, there remains a few like yourself that actually offer something constructive.

This is a great idea. AGS is too proud to admit it, but it’s a great idea.


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