Do Bots and Hard Core Players Skew Gold Generation Data? Economy Discussion

It has been stated by AGS “Touching on the current state of the economy: From a data standpoint, the economy is performing within acceptable levels. All servers are creating more money than is being removed, and by a good margin.”

However I wonder if that Data is skewed due to Hard core players and Bots who likely are generating almost “ALL” the gold in the economy where everyone else isn’t generating any.

The point I’m making is there could be a more of a significant economy problem if a small % is generating all the gold. What happens if the players generating ALL the gold move on to another game coming out (2 big titles are coming and as a gamer why wouldn’t I play them). Or they do ban the bots generating the gold (which would be good) Would we then dive sharply into the negative and way more gold would be being removed?

Anyways we have gotten some gold sinks fixed with the respec cost which was astronomically too high. Hopefully we can fix the Housing Tax situation next. These features should be being used by “everyone” in New World not be exclusive to HC players or people that have all the gold or feel the need to buy gold just to own a House.

It was a promoted feature of the game and Housing is a great selling point since other popular MMOs don’t have it. So those players check out New World and then can’t buy a House and leave instead of having the chance to fall in love with New World. (big bummer) I’d like to see House taxes enter a trial period of 1-4% Tax every 2 weeks to alleviate this problem.

Note - I make this thread on the basis of economy discussion only and what is healthy for ALL players not just myself. I personally have 3 houses and 6 figures but that doesn’t mean the economy is “Healthy” for the game. Not everyone has access to playing the crazy amount of time or server I am on. So please hold flame comments about X doesn’t deserve Y. It’s a game it should be fun and game design should be intended to deliver that experience.

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It’s easy to make money honestly. Daily missions, mob drops, opr, daily crafts and so on. I think the main problem here is people buying too much in the ah

I won’t disagree with that as it is likely 1 problem for some. However there were other problems that started receiving fixes like Respec cost being way way to high when it was 500g. The 200g is much more reasonable but still like to see it even lower.

I also think many are stuck with the Houses they buy. They save up to buy a House then can’t afford the taxes since it’s a terrible system currently that is astronomically too high and frequent. So they either are forced to abandon the house or just quit the game since it requires way too much grinding and play time to use basic in game features. So hopefully we can get a massive change to housing tax like the Respec cost.

The lack of gold for these players to use basic in game features only promotes gold sellers because there is a demand for them. People want to use the housing feature and can’t. Everyone should be able to use this feature even if they are the most casual player without facing burdens of the extreme upkeep.

Is it enough though and for the casual player looking for a game to fall in love with? What if a player mostly only plays on the weekend. Can they make enough gold to buy a House, upkeep the insane taxes and Respec to try different builds. Likely not. Which is why this is a economy discussion and going back to talking about gold sinks and Data on gold generation and what is being removed.

This goes back to game design being fun. Players should be wanting to waste their time in New World not logging in to pay for taxes and upkeep as if it were a job. We won’t have player retention if this continues. So I would be interested on more detailed data on the Economy in the near future.

That’s a good point, no way at least on my server that its realistically healthy the way it is. Speaking from a trading perspective, I don’t see how it can be where they want it. Started few weeks into the game and I was able to sell stuff easily(which is expected at the start) made enough money farming, crafting, etc I also have 2 houses can pay the taxes. Stuff just isn’t selling anymore and I am in the main hubs. I have a nest egg, but its sad relisting posts that never sell when they were before and its not like im at insane prices. I think people just don’t want to craft with how the crafting system is or its already been crafted, therefore, the economy is a little wonky. Not saying I can’t make money, but it has drastically put a dampener on my mood.

My main issue with the economy is how the tiers are setup for crafting influencing the prices on higher tier items to be worth less. There is an insane overflow of higher tier materials because everyone needs more of the lower ones first. Most people aren’t even using the higher tier items because of that which imo causes the overflow.

Also, unpopular opinion probably, but i think they should have a set minimum sell price for items that fluctuate depending on demand something similar to what black desert online does.

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T5 gear salvages for 3 gold. So there is your min :slight_smile:

I don’t really see how bots can generate gold right now. Gold is not really created through farming or gathering. The way bots can get gold is mostly by trading farmed resources for other peoples money. If anything they would be sucking money out of the economy.

As for the second concern, I can only rely on the statistics we have. And those suggest that most money coming in comes from players below 60 who are still actively levelling and questing. The end game content farmed by „hardcore players“ actually yields less of a return. Mind you though those statistics were generated before outpost rush and elite trains came into the picture.

What is a serious concern is how increasing inactivity will affect the economy. Invasions and town upgrades don’t get any cheaper but the less people play the less money is coming in. In order to see just how much of an impact this can make you can study the differences between dead and populated servers.

I am actually not too concerned about any of that though. The devs have a lot more data than we do and stated that they will make adjustments if they become necessary. I have faith that the economy overall will stay alive. What I am worried about is how that money will be distributed. Because free market capitalism has a tendency to turn into a pyramid scheme where most resources are only available to a small number of people at the top. Basically it is possible that the devs successfully manage the total amount of gold in the game, but most of that gold is controlled by only a few players or companies. That would be much harder to fix.

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