Do Corruption Portals really need a buff?

Here’s a short video of Opening up 96 Major level 60 Corruption Portal Reward Chests and 339 Minor Corruption Portal Reward Chests.

Thought a video is best to start Discussion either it needs buffed or left the way it is.

Do I think it needs buffed honestly no after all this box opening I got 30 corrupted Lodestone with Stonecutting gear on and managed to make 65k from this which isn’t bad for one day’s work.

( Side note im not sure what’s going on with my recording software but the flicker stops after 90 seconds into video )

it have been buff a lot with leader board patch.

nah they are still the same as last year and the lower level chests are actually better think I have a video from last year in February getting 2 corrupted lodestone from 100 level 25 major portal chests and then enough resources to craft another 40 corrupted lodestone on top of that. The lower level Corrupted Portal chests have higher chance for fragments & shards for lodestone but the level 60 chests have expertise increases and Legendary equipment.

the legendary equipment in level 25/35/45 & 55 chests is strictly a corrupted lodestone.

So for those that want corrupted fragments and corrupted lodestone do the lower level chests if your after legendary equipment and expertise increases do the level 60 portals.

i used to earn 3 gold for a major corrupted breach lvl 60 + now it is 50+

CP needs an overhaul. Caches are old and boring. No one needs these items. They should just give a fix amount of ressources so people can make money out of it

That doesnt change the fact corrupted portals are boring af and lack variety, the reward may be a decent money maker but otherwise it sucks

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Boring nah they are not boring at all try posting in recruitment and getting trains of 20 to 30 people doing CP runs they are really fun and funny, just yesterday I had a CP train of 25 people heading into MYRK and Running into Myrk Boss farmers which ended up doing the portals with us and Having the entire screen filled of atleast 50-70 people doing the portals was a really fun experience.

@Bonbarman I disagree the way you are suggesting it will hurt the market unless they add new crafting idea’s into the game that will allow corrupted lodestone to be used for more crafting. and so people will make money out of it ? Im lost because in my video you can see the current system still works making over 50k worth of items

Doing myrk that happens to have a few portals with a big group does not count. Doing the random portals around the map is 100% boring which the devs have already acknowledged themselves and will be changing them in some way in the future

Here do the maths to figure out how many Corruption Portals I have done and it’s only 10 days in to leaderboard also.

I know what im talking about in my opinion that Portals are fine the way they are.

doing a fixed drop will break market we already make enough money doing portals.

No one is talking about changing the drops, im aware its good for making money. But the mobs and mechanics are straight up boring. Youre telling me you wouldnt want portals to have more unique mobs and bigger/harder bosses? I mean the brimstone portals literally have the same mobs as the rest of the map which is such a wasted opportunity as brimstone has its own unique corrupted mobs


16h CP needs an overhaul. Caches are old and boring. No one needs these items. They should just give a fix amount of ressources so people can make money out of it

Properso No one is talking about changing the drops

Don’t focus only on my comments but others is well they are pushing for Drop rate buffs. Adding some new types of Portals will be awesome but any form of loot % drop rate buffs could easily become devastating.

Yes I would like to see corrupted portals freshened up, they are stale content imo. I’m glad they are looking at making them into a bigger event. In any case, we dont really have any info on what they have in mind (other than a short soundbite during a Q&A), so let’s wait and see what they come up with. It’s hard to get excited to do them right now after doing them for 14 months, so a shakeup is good, imo.

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I was having a little trouble watching due to the flickering, but also it was causing me pain to see so many major 60s being opened since they broke the loot table on the v1.8 brimstone update

The Breachcloser weapons are no longer available from lv60 majors :frowning:

Yea I know don’t worry I have already farmed another 350 minors and 100 majors upcoming for the portal rework to take take place, will most likely have more by the time the rework is done. Yea all them items being removed really surprised me considering the current loot table isn’t the best for weapons and armor but Corrupted frags and shards are perfectly fine.

3 factions helping each others, that a freaking carebear mind gameplay and not fun at all… no points to have faction :frowning:

So disapointed

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Im a little confused to what your referencing what makes you think these factions are helping each other ?

Did you post this in the right forum post?

I did. what s the point to get factions if everyone is koumbaya ? :`(

Oh I see your confusion here’s an update on the Leaderboards lol Im a returning player and had no choice on starting faction on new server so I switched to join my friends factions so here’s an update on the leaderboard .

Factions play many Roles the main reason you want to be in a faction is pacifically for Starting Wars in Regions to take over Towns to take control of Town Tax to become filthy rich. I have friends in different factions but the number is limited the only Purple that im actually friends with is Carasu because when I host CP runs for my faction he ussually finds out and joins us without open world pvp there is nothing we can do about it.

Everything should be base on PVE Factions or PVP Factions bases, not interwined with each others, Factions hates other Factions or they are at WAR !

Not sure how that has anything to do with the topic of this thread ?