Do Factions need a rework?

The most recent related topic is from about a year ago (which was around the time that I quit the game) and having come back into the game I can see that factions are still imbalanced. There is a dominant faction, one with some territory and the last with 0-1 (0 after looking through my main and alt server). What are people’s thoughts on this topic? Is this ok for the game? Are factions really that imbalanced or am I missing something? Would it be better if they reworked the system? And if so in what way? My personal thoughts are, if AGS can somehow find a way to make joining a faction and participating in it both fun and meaningful, then it would positively impact gameplay and make the game more interesting and worthwhile to play.

A few suggestions I have is to provide passive bonuses to joining a faction that thematically makes sense. For example, someone who joins covenant will get a bonus to health and refining since it’s more of a crusader faction, marauders get bonuses to damage and gathering due to their “marauding” nature while syndicate get bonuses to crafting and magic in their quest for knowledge. These bonuses can get stronger and you can unlock more as you level up with that faction.

Second, what if instead of one company holding a settlement and reaping all the rewards, what if all participating companies that pushed for influence get a percentage of the taxes that the parent company set based on their contributions? There could be a, say X% cut off meaning that if a company contributed at least X% to the influence then they are eligible to a share of the taxes. This is to help against players trying to cheese the system by making multiple companies and doing 1 quest to get a share.

I’m sure there a many other possibilities to help address this topic but I wanted to put this out there to get thoughts from more people and hopefully see some positive change for the game. Sorry for the long post but I do hope to see this game flourish once again and this could be a place to start.

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You spelt “game” wrong. The entire game needs a rework, FF14 RR this dog water game

Tbh I didn’t even know FF had an MMO. Are you saying that you liked FF14 RR compared to NW or you dislike both for the same reasons?

After all of the quality of life changes, being on the majority land owner faction does barely anything. Main thing for your faction is the open world fort bonuses.

FF14 was awful on release and they rebooted the game, completely reworked it which turned into FF14 Realm Reborn. I personally do not like FF14 but I do not think it is a bad game, it is a great MMORPG, just not my style. NW needs to be taken down for a year plus and completely overhauled from start to finish and then relaunch the entire game

The conditions that created FF14 ARR simply don’t exist for AGS.

It’s also worth noting that FF14 is decidedly casual and the most abundant PvE content in that game is lifestyle PvE (roleplay, treasure hunts, fashion, casino mini games, housing) and the raiding dungeon content while good is not remotely the main draw or focus. Oh and leveling is ez and pvp is scaled and balanced outside of pve considerations. it would be great to have all those things.

If NW is taken offline it won’t ever come back, crucible is proof of that.

Only thing to hope for is continual iteration of the product and from that perspective NW is better than it was a year ago but not much, it’s also because NW is literally playing catch up from the design shift.

But the pieces are there, just needs iteration.

In a yr or 2 NW could be great in the meantime the ppl who enjoy it for it is can play and those like me that don’t will come check on it from time to time

Not even wars? I’m still trying to get my bearings again so I’m not quite up to date with how wars and invasions changed (if at all)

War and OPR is probably in one of the worst states it ever has been and it is about to get 10x worse with Brimstone Sands adding “ultimates”. These Devs have no clue how to balance the game and part of their struggle is they added wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to many perks into the game which allows for 9000 different build combos which results in them never being able to balance anything

Wars are the same. Only if you are in the company that owns the land do you get money.

here is the new stuff
bank transfers are free and not just for your faction owning land
travel cost is 20 max or 12 if your faction has the land, but the RS fort makes it free

bonus for your faction owning the land
small luck bonus
faction travel
thats it

Yeah I had the same thoughts if they were to take down NW. I mean if anything I feel like the fanbase is all but fed up with the devs taking down gameplay elements like trading. I can’t imagine what would happen if they took down the whole game. I’m also stopping by to check in and see what the 18th will bring. I can see they made some interesting QOL changes and added cool new gameplay elements here and there. But I still don’t see why they haven’t (from what I’ve seen so far) touched on factions yet, which is IMO a huge part of the social aspect of this game.

I’d like it to be more a reflection of zone influence whereby doing quests, gathering, PvP wars etc all contributed slowly towards an areas controlling faction. Obviously there would be different weights given to each type of activity. Then instead of zones flip-flopping there would be more of a longer fight for the zone. Ie if Everfall was yellow and green wanted to take it but they were not as good PvPers then they can put questing/gathering stresses on the zone in order to be more dominant and take control. Obviously when it then transfers to green, yellow (being better at the PvP side of the game) may want to exploit this by attacking in PvP a lot more. This would allow different play styles a chance to contribute and feel a part of the game. I know there are similar mechanics in game at the moment iirc, but I think the speed of change is far to great imho and I’d prefer the drum roll and tension a slower take over would ensure.

Same issue that WoW goes through. They add so many “abilities” and perks to gears, don’t have the internal capability to properly test how they all interact with each other so they make players test it, subsequently ignore the results that come from their PTR, release it and then act dumb-founded on how to fix.

Bonus points on when the perks and abilities mesh really well in PvE but create OP havoc in PvP resulting in mass hysteria.

All of this could have been avoided if AGS just did their homework on the MMO genre, they had 2 decades of games to look at but instead chose to go into the exam with zero preparation and somehow expected not to fail.

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Factions were a band aid implementation to solve the issues of company level pvp. It was never fully thought through and why it still suffers.

it would have been better to never implement them and leave the game functioning at a company level instead of factions. the only real reason factions mattered was territory benefits of ruling factions like reduced teleport and linking storage for gold cost.

all of that has since been removed so factions literally serve no purpose in the game ATM.

so yes to answer your question they need a total rework but AGS has so many areas they need to work on that it likely won’t see any development resources for a year or more.

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100% agree. I dont care what anyone says, this game should have had classes. No classes plus infinite weapons and perk combos = a nightmare of a game

enforcing class rigidity is one way to handle the problem the other was to not mess with the core combat mechanics that caused all the issues in the first place.

game arguably might have been better w 3 weapon slots but all the weapons shared cooldown in the slot so you really only had access to 3 at any time.

once they implemented vertical progression, removed stagger, changed the sprint mechanics, altered the dodge iframes forgiveness, the block stabilty, and add perk bloat the game became this disheveled mess you see today.

so I can understand on the face of it why enforcing rigid class archetypes for balancing is a must.

I don’t agree but it’s definitely one approach to the problem

Sadly I now remember the reason I quit for a long time. Once they started adding those new perks around last Christmas and given the fact that crafting is based on RNG so getting a good combo at max GS was/is a nightmare made the game seem so unnecessarily bloated and tedious. Honestly tho, is this common with most other MMO’s that involve player crafting to be so heavily reliant on RNG cause I haven’t played all that many of them

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Would getting rid of factions be better than reworking it then?

no but the game wasn’t designed to be traditional where you get loot based on clearing dungeons and things.

crafting was meant to be the source of best gear in a game that involved gear loss. get perfect alignment was meant to be difficult so it was hard to obtain but also because loss through durability could happen it wasn’t meant to be something cherished.

game basically didn’t have gear fear.

once they added more rewards for doing dungeons and such content as requested this old rng crafting system made less sense.

they’ve improved it with timeless shards allowing one perk to be chosen at will
and now I’m next expansion they’ve added another item that allows 2 perks to be chosen so rng is dramatically reduced and now the only rng is getting legendary and the perfect 3rd perk.

it’s much better now in that regard

This game has huge open world but doesnt have Faction vs Faction War mode which is weird.
Currently factions are useless and makes it problematic more than anything. War mode requires a faction to push but often you see internal drama in factions because people cant get the rng declare.
War mode should be always Guild versus Guild.
If you dont want to remove factions make a Faction vs Faction war mode every week,winner of the faction can get fort buff or so. This would encourage everyone to join a war and since there is 50vs50 war mode(Which i think is best) people can enjoy mass vs mass with Faction vs Faction.