Do higher level animals skin for more rawhide?

When skinning a level 30 beast would it give me more Rawhide than a level 8 one?

I’m not sure exactly how it works/scale, but it does seem that way. In my experience, the wolves in BW (higher level mobs) give more rawhide than the wolves in EF.

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Thank you mate I’m going to go to a level 25+ area then rather then farm level 8 wolves in Everfall.

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Just tested

Level 8 Wolf in Everfall = 20 Rawhide
Level 28 Wolf in Brightwood = 28 Rawhide

Not much difference. I prefered Everfall. More wolves at a wolf cave with insta respawn and they’re everywhere. Brightwood they are scattered about 50m apart, better for exp but not quick Rawhide.




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If you have a higher skinning level the chances of rare drops are also higher in higher areas. Also some higher tier material can only be found in higher tier areas. For Example Fur. In Lower Tier (starting Areas) there is basicly zero chance to get those, even with a complete gathering luck set for this specific skill.

Also skinning higher tier animals gives way more XP for the skinning skill.

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The higer level mobs drop hier tier of leather, not rawhide.

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that depends on the type of animal… it will be different type of hide btw not leather. Leather you only get by refining afaik.

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