Do I lose my progress if I ask for a refund?

Sadly, I don’t have much time to play, and when I have, the long queues do not help at all.

If I ask for a refund, to buy it again in a few months, does my progress will still be there?

I don’t see why it shouldn’t be wiped, to be honest, because a refund is basically putting things back in the situation where you never purchased the game to begin with.

playing on a low population server solves that rpoblem. I had my friends switch to a new server which honestly was funner since everyone got to start over and claim new territories.

yeah… actually, we chose a low pop one, but it was a few days ago. now, it’s 800+ on queue.

yeah. I thought the same. :confused:

really? that sucks, i havent had to wait in que except for like once

See, the problem is, a lot of us did that already. I am now sitting at high 20s. I had a character already almost 20 at launch, then ran into massive queues. Amazon’s response was, 'just roll on another server…" so we did, and now I am faced with long ass queues again. Went from a high pop to about as low as I could find. Now I am on THE highest pop server on NA East. This is shit.

I love this game and would love to play it but this is absolute trash. What is an almost $1,000,000,000,000 company doing bullshitting about server queues for? Allow us to transfer already. How was this not designed into the game? Were your developers seriously this stupid not to see this issue coming that people screamed about in the forums all through the betas? I mean, it wouldn’t surprise me considering all of your quests, 1-60, are the same 4 quests over and over again. You guys spent so much time delaying the game to “polish” it that you didn’t understand you just put lipstick on a pig?

Get your shit together, guys. I know this is only the first week but seriously, you guys have messed up things that all it takes is time and money. You guys have all the money in the world and have taken well more than enough time. Please eject your heads from your anuses…

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