Do not add mounts

GG ty very much :slight_smile:


*Do add mounts
GG ty very much :slight_smile:


Mounts are stupid and unnecessary


Mounts are cool and necessary


They’re not really “stupid”. They would allow you to gather faster, and they would look cool. AGS would also make money off skins for mounts.


Why be against mounts? I agree theyre basically pointless for the size of the current map but are you really gonna cry about cool things like mounts? More content is more content


I want the mounts, but it has to follow the same rule as the camps or even stricter


Not a fan of mounts, I don’t see what they provide, what you get with them, where you would go on them. It’s the same game but just 160% faster and less conflict.

I would rather all effort of mount dev work go towards the inventory system, rebuilt the trading post, integrate cross town management for inventory, new NPCs, refined later gamer crafting abilities, more outpost rush balancing, animated NPCs in the town, new town INN quests or bounties, new music options, more territory quests other than town boards, more dynamic world, updated corrupted portal rewards, updated group finder…

All this I would rather than mounts.


And after add mounts.


Beyond the “pretty” value… couldn’t agree more. I mean… seriously… I can run from the SW corner of Cutlass Keys all the up to the NE corner of the map up in Mounringdale and it really takes hardly any time at all.

PLUS… while I’m doing that run… there’s all the awesome logging / mining / harvesting opportunities from point A to point B.

If I was riding a mount… it’d shorten the time somewhat (like those jerks that cut you in line on the highway so they can get to the office 10.4 seconds ahead of you) but you’d also miss out on stuff. Or… if you decided to stop at those same logging / mining / harvesting locations, you’d actually “add” time onto your trip due to you’d have to de-mount, do stuff, re-mount and move on.

Mounts are dumb. EOL :slight_smile:

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Mounts are needed especially for new players when you have to run multiple times for the yonas and other quests.
Unlocking travel shrines takes such a long time for a new player and most zones are to dangerous to go to when low level.
There should be a quest at level 10 giving you a horse mount or something like that.
I understand some high level players dont want mounts because they have unlocked all shrines and they like to explore the world by playing a running simulator but as a player since alpha i want mounts for sure.
If you dont like mounts just dont use them…nobody will force you.


Not all people play the game to be efficient and like a job. Some of us just like to ride a horse simple as that.
Mounts will be in game at some point. All succesfull mmo’s have mounts and there is just to big of a opportunity to make money for AGS to miss this feature. So deal with it.


That’s fine. There’s lots of other goofy games out there with horsies to ride. Try one of those? Keep mine horseless though. kthx :slight_smile:

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This is not your game buddy. People have demands. Let’s see who AGS will listen in the end.


They’ll probably listen to you. AGS’s track record is “Ignore the people with good ideas and listen to the whiners”.

Odds are… keep whining loud enough. You’ll get your pretty pony to ride.

This post was started by a “whiner”. And you’r big ideea for the game future is to not add mounts. Ok.


OP wasn’t whining. He was basically just asking to not have mounts added. I personally agree with him. I don’t see him whining anywhere though. So far, that’s just been you whining with me explaining.


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Again… not to argue but if you do a search in this overall forum, you’ll see about a 100 to 1 ratio of people that hate the idea of horses to people that actually want them. I would say mass majority thinks it’s a silly / not needed idea.

That said… it’s not like they’d hurt anything by adding them. I (we?) just don’t see the point. It’s like adding a third breast onto a girl.

Like I told you. I personally want mounts for immersion not utility. For me the beautiful world that NW have feels uncomplete without mounts. Just imagine a medieval world where all people just travel on foot. I understand that we have Teleport shires but that is ok. Let them in game also. I understand, and I bet the most people that want mounts understand that the game need other more urgent features before mounts. This is my last replay because we make this post look like a chat between us. Have a good day.