Do not add mounts

Lemme collect my animals plz, thanks.

Literally have nothing to collect in this game.


We need mounts & flying mounts in this walking/running simulator.

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To be honest I hade no problem with the teleport azoth cost at launch, IF there where mounts in the game.
You could do so much more with mounts, can equip it with bags to increase your cargo (gathering) and travel between towns and you have combat skills on it.

Considering brimstone coming with bigger landmass, mounts would be great.


Not flying mounts.

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I want something different. How about Giant Mole, or Gopher mounts? Tunneling for the Win!

Mounts and flying Mounts :heart_eyes:

We Need Dragons

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Why not add titan golem when you are at it. :woozy_face:

I am fairly certain that mounts are coming. They were data mined months ago.

AGS plans might have changed. But the data mine seemed to show we would need food, a bridle and saddle for a horse.

From almost a year ago (so the mount plan may have changed)

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I would like alternatives to a horse.

A racing cow



The game is a walking simulator as it is. Even with the teleportation, the game is a nightmare logistically. Yes, please add mounts or some other kind of rapid transportation system between areas. If you’re really, really against mounts then you really need to add more shrines.


Mounts are borderline confirmed but how are they going to cop out of the lore exploration for why there are no mounts. (for those unaware; due to the energy of the land no animals can be tamed and they will always become wild again)

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I would totally vouch for a mount like this :smile:.


I would love to see, not mounts but consumables that buffs your movement speed. ONLY for open world PVE

We won’t get flying mounts, Scott Lane did not like flying in WoW TBC and saw the damage it did to the world.

Unless we will get something like WOTLK with no flying zones.
But we can still collect flying mounts.
Could spice up the map design more vertical.

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DO add mounts… Thanks. There are wagons and wagon tracks everywhere in the game… Not a single horse… Come on…


Mounts don’t make New World a better game. Even if they add them. It’s more of an appeasement imo.

But they’re probably going to happen.

Or…instead of adding a bandaid such as mounts, they could correct the levelling experience and flow for new players…which sounds like they’ve done.

It’s important to identify the problem before you start adding solutions :expressionless:


… And Rosie takes the lead followed by Dorrie and Snowbud.

Mounts are datamined and have been confirmed in multiple interviews with the devs as coming. Let’s move along folks.

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