Do NOT Allow Transfers to High-Pop Servers

There is a tweet being linked around where a community representative states that players will be able to transfer to any server of their choosing. Here in this topic I will try to explain as best as I can why it is not a good idea to allow transfers to high-pop servers.

  • High-pop servers are already crowded enough. Queue timers and queue issues are unrealistic. We don’t need more people to have an interest in these servers, we want these servers to lose players. Promoting free transfers to a well-known PvP server might attract more PvPers.

  • Competition should be considered. Like-minded communities came together and decided that they should play on the same server. PvP communities is one of them and I belong in one. In my server, there is some serious PvP competition. We had talks with 20 different PvP focused guilds and decided that we should play in this server. In here, members of different guilds trying their bests to get past queues and progress. They flag up and roam in open world to deny progress of their opposing guilds. Now, if you allow transfers to a high-pop PvP server, a player who freefarmed on a low-pop server with good gear will have an unfair advantage over the people who struggled gaining high gear due to competition, not just queues. 1 week progress in a server like Hellheim, Annwyn could be achieved in just a few days on a new server without queues or competition. The moment new players transfer to these high-pop servers, the existing playerbase in the high-pop server will feel like they have wasted their time. The struggle they had to endure will be for nothing. Their progress will feel meaningless and this will eventually kill the server, people will lose interest and eventually quit.

I understand your ideas. However the question all are asking is how to get back to a high pop server where the clan is. If we invest time in leveling on another server then can’t transfer back to our original server then what is the point?

Lets just not play the game for 2 weeks. Well that doesn’t solve anything.

Going to a low pop server to start a new toon. Next day it isn’t a low pop and has a wait. Well that doesn’t solve anything.

Going to a new server that is a different seed then the one I want to transfer back to. Is that possible? AGS NW sorry we don’t know… that doesn’t solve anything

you get the picture. There were delays, alpha and beta testing. So…


That’s great and all but some of us planned to go with our PVP community as well, but had to work since all launches happened at a time a good chunk of people in their region would be just starting their work day . By the time we got off; there’s a monster queue and our PvP community has a town and huge investment for that server in question. In my case; for 2 days I waited out the queue only to hit a game breaking bug and forced to relog.

I think it unlikely a community that already had success will just abandon it and move to start over. Not allowing their players to join them would alienate a large chunk of the community

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The tweet says “servers that are available”.

Note … that’s a bit vague, and probably intentionally so, because I doubt they have actually decided what the rules will be yet. “Available” doesn’t necessarily mean “all servers”. It could just mean “servers that are available for transfer at the time of the transfer”. In any case, I doubt they have finalized their plan at this point because they probably want to see whether and to what extent people reroll in the meantime (which ironically is probably preventing some people from rerolling).

I would be surprised if they permitted people to do a 180 and go right back to the high pop servers with the transfer, because that just creates the same issue again. And the people who have been living with queues on those servers will have a justified beef with that as well.

The key problem here is that people don’t want to move, or if they move, they want the “right of return”. That doesn’t make sense when the server has multiple times the number of characters created on it than it can manage at any one time, even if the caps are moderately lifted over time (as I expect they will be a bit, say from 2k to 4k) once the bulk of the playerbase is out of the low level zones and the players are spread out across the zones to avoid crowding. Just too many people want to play on a handful of very crowded servers.

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