Do not increase expertise

As someone who has 590 expertise on everything and has 900+ hours on the game it’s looking like I’ll be finding something else to play to put an end to this rinse and repeat system this game has.

Since release everyone has had high hopes for the game to reach its potential, but it’s looking like the over-dramatic critics are right about the game, you are too lazy to fix bugs that have been in the game since release, constant lag, basically non-existent open world PVP, and many many many more things I could rant about.

The fact is you are now increasing watermark without adding actual content, all you have brought to the table in 4 months is dungeon mutations (the same dungeons we’ve been forced to grind over and over again) not to mention the extortionate prices we have to pay to gain entry to these dungeons.

Finally, all we know that is coming in the next few months is a new territory, couple of new dungeons and a blunderbuss. Nothing exciting.


Hey there Cyrax!

I know how frustrating it can become when you’re so proud and comfortable with achieving a goal and then to have that goal moved further away. Definitely not cool. Especially when it is in a game where so many things are about hitting a certain goal, like many MMOs.

My question for you would be, could you clarify a bit more of what you’d like to see about it instead?

We all know that the devs have been working on much more than JUST dungeon mutations and the things that are coming up ARE pretty exciting. No need to downplay that stuff.

I’d love to hear your constructive criticism about watermark though!


Fundamental issues are being overlooked, such as the numerous exploits related to the Settlement system being player-controlled.
And of course no action on cheaters, e.g., the invincibility cheats way back around Update 1.0.2.

They are pumping out everything so fast that I suspect they’ll just put the game on maintenance once all their planned content is pushed out.
They are already busy repainting Lost Ark textures and have another game in the works.
New World is DOA and they know it. That’s why there’s no work into fundamental issues and community cleanup.


I can only assume but im pretty sure the new world devs arent the same as the lost ark devs


Dev team out of touch and CM just in here doing damage control


Fix the bugs and desync, ban the bots, get rid of dungeon keys, find a solution for the faction inbalence (or forget about them all together), and deliver a finished product; Only then you start implementing things that the community you have left want.

Every solution the dev team has presented until now is to introduce another form of grind. Is this game made by machines with no concept of what FUN is?

How the hell you guys think this is sustainable?


This right here. particularly the desync it makes pvp unbearable!!!


can I have your stuff?


We know the mutation and umbral expertise mechanics are here to stay, but there is one thing the majority of players want. We just do not want to waste our time and hard earned gold throwing away sub 600 gear. We are desperately asking for AGS to allow us to upgrade the 595+ GS items we crafted and fell in love with. Please allow us to upgrade our pieces with 2/3 bis perks that were too unlucky to hit 600


They could instead of making you have to be 600 expertise to upgrade keep the cap at 590 and allow us to upgrade from 590 to 625 still having a chance to roll a 590 - 600 tho. I feel this would be more appealing to the community.

This should be a win win for both the devs and the players also once you upgrade from 590 - 600 your 3rd perk can be rng rolled if you want to keep that element


I posted this under Game Feedback but here it goes:

My problem with the system boils down to a series of chores you have to complete in order to progress your expertise. They have completely arbitrary requirements and are non-intuitive. It introduces a bunch of pointless items that are good for only one thing. After doing all these chores, you are time gated 3 times, before actually getting the expertise bump. Now we have a brand new item, the umbral shards, just for increasing expertise to 625.

Why not just integrate existing systems to increase expertise, instead of making everything complicated? Why not just drop the time gates and let people play the way they want to play? This isn’t a mobile game.

Rework the gypsum, umbral system into the following:

  • Remove random expertise increases. Change the expertise to have an experience bar for each slot, rather than relying on random bumps

To increase expertise you can:

  • Use the weapon that you want an expertise bump in (only applies after reaching level 20)
  • Salvage items you have picked up. The closer the item is to your current expertise, and how rare it is determines the experience added to the expertise bar.
  • Craft items and salvage them. The closer the item is to your current expertise, and how rare it is determines the experience added to the expertise bar.
  • Already expertise 600? Salvaging gives an expertise aptitude chest that allows you to reroll a specific random perk category on items or bump the GS of an item(idk about this one, ya’ll can figure that out)

This is simple and intuitive. Now, how do we keep dailies, since all your decisions are based around telemetry, and there is no chance you will change something that could possibly negatively impact player login statistics?

Thats pretty easy too. For the:

First dungeon/arena/boss/OPR of the day?
Guarantee purples, or increase luck for the first set of items received / caches opened

First item craft of the day?
Increase chance of getting a blue/purple/gold? I don’t know.

First item cache of the day?
Put weapons/armor/jewlery in item caches. The first item cache opened that day guarantees purples, or has increased luck applied.

To be honest, I hate these dailies, but you are still going to have them. At minimum, the above is more straightforward and rewarding. You aren’t forced to do content to get an expertise boost, but you are rewarded for it, which is how dailies should work.

What this does:

  • Makes salvaging worthwhile. Got a musket with focus? At least salvaging it boosts your expertise
  • Makes expertise systems simple. No more gypsum, orbs, casts, cooldown timers, umbral shards. Just salvage.
  • Makes weapon XP have a purpose past level 20
  • Rewards players for reaching the expertise cap
  • Makes it scalable. You wont have to revisit the expertise system and add another item/shard when you want to bump the expertise cap to 650. Just release a new area with higher GS drops, the system handles itself.

Thoughts/comments are appreciated. Thanks!


It takes weeks / months to grind end-game gear. Does your team know how much people actually run around in 600 gear? Because most people are running 590+ gear which will all become useless. Getting 590+ gear with 2 solid perks is already hard to come by let alone 600 GS 3/3 best in slot gear. Barely anyone owns a full set of 600 GS gear with 3 good perks, not even the richest companies have all of their members wearing something like that. Now there’s a new layer being added but everyone is still busy with the current one.

Even though I’m here for the PvP, I don’t mind to do a bit of PvE to have some variation. But atm you’re pretty much forcing me to grind almost all of my gear again. A few hundred K down the drain. Trying to do all the daily things is already borderline impossible let alone all these new PvE things. We’ve got timers on chests, refining, the current event and all of the gypsum stuff. It feels like I’m rushing through everything every day to get ‘the most’ out of the game. There’s certain things I’d still do but other things I don’t considering to be very enjoyable but I still have the feeling I need to do it to not fall behind. Beside that I think that having some variation in dungeons and different difficulties etc is great. I don’t mind grinding some additional things but starting with almost nothing again really sucks.


The team is aware and working on the concerns you listed.

If you don’t enjoy the dev’s solution, then what solution would you reccommend for fun?

100% increase is to soon, for this you’d need to increase level & of course wait a longer period of time before doing so. March at the earliest but I feel even that would be too soon as you already made changes from Open world looting to “Experience system”.

These new changes show a blatant lack of respect for players & the game.
Look at all the bugs, look at all the issues in game. That need & I STRESS NEED fixing permanently before hand.
E.G. the frame cap bug is connected to the high CPU usage bug which is connected to the tick rate bug which is connected the the latency bug which is connected to the desync bug.

So Mutations are just stupid, have you seen the comments from people doing Genesis right now? yeah. End of story. Try it yourself & while you are at it try the arena just east of it, in fact we’ll get back to this at the end.
Look these upgrades also dont allow for open world, PVP or gathering. Its just the hard & impossible to craft orb content.

You should join some of the NW discords & look at all the comments on the matter, you are going to lose what’s left of the player base if you continue with these stupid ways & ignoring everything!
GFYS incoming at this rate.

I challenge you guys to craft the orbs from nothing in a week & then run the content of Genesis & Spriggan Arena <–This one make sure the devs use spears to see the bug they left & ignored.
Then tell us there are no bugs & balance issues so new content is fine, meanwhile throwing up that a “Chore” upgrade in the same dungeon is worth while endeavour over everything else.


I like the mutations. As a player with similar hours to Cyrax I am looking forward to some additional PVE content to go along with the wars and OPR. The chance to go back to dynasty and amrine are excitign to me nd I’ve been having fun on the PTR all day.


I really appreciate hearing this too!!!

I think too many times there is only one sort of voice that speaks up. Glad you’re enjoying the PTR!


dev team is aware but yet still plan on relasing this rubbish. gotta love it.


There is no need to get aggressive about it. I’m just having a conversation with you.

I can assure you AGAIN that bugs are not being ignored. And the team is growing every month to help bridge the gap between the community and brand. But when you come out like this swinging, it doesn’t help anyone.

So, once again, nothing is being ignored. Just because they are not fixed to your timeline or how you want them does it mean it’s being ignored.


True not you, But in general with NW staff There is. The reason why Is even linked in the post. Now tell me again why I need not be aggressive at obvious blunders & ignoring of issues in favour of making the game worse?

YES THEY ARE BEING IGNORED! I already proved this, Hello beta bugs in release we reported, some of which still in game.
Hello change to “exploit” without addressing the need & the bug causing the need for the exploit.

  • jumping with bow FYI.
    Brickwalls I tell ya!
    Mic drop I’m out, till you actually fix stuff & put effort into the game.
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I think that the changes would be less controversial if they were splitted into two patches.
First patch with bug fixes, balance changes, needed qol changes + increase the expertise from 590 to 600, give us some time to grind it, drop legendary gear with increased probability (590-600 instead of current 580-600) or get better crafted gear.
Then second patch that would bring mutations and umbral system after hopefully adjusting it after received feedback.