Do not press PLAY after queue kick!

When you get kicked from queue, klick OK then wait for the queue to reappear! You won’t lose your progress this way. Thank me later!

Would be nice if the game told you this. If you press play you will restart the queue…


for the too many requests kick ?

I wish that I knew this before I got that error and pressed play to go from 300 → 2300 :slight_smile:
Amazon, please fix your game.



Worked for me on that error, yep.

Im going to try this. Thanks!

okay thanks for the info still stuck in queue because i got kicked twice now

I can confirm that this works

How long did it take? 5mins and still staring at the error for me.

Click “ok” for the error window. but then after that DON’T press “Play”
You will come back in the queue at a lower position… i.e., you do NOT lose your place in the queue


I love you <3

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Likewise :wink:

Well shit… Got an error. Didn’t loose my place in the queue!

.< i just repressed play after loosing 400+ queue now 2200 >.<

Do NOT press “Play” if you get an error !!!

i understood already i saw this after i pressed play

Mine won’t start up back in the queue. It says that the login services are not working right now. The only way I can progress is if I restart the game.

Are you guys experiencing this as well?

I haven’t had that happen to me @SleepingPanda .

I am already down to #152 from #1066 despite getting 2 errors. I didn’t lose my queue position because I didn’t press “Play” again.

I have also tested this and it works! it can take some time.

  1. Get rubbish error

  2. Click okay.

  3. Do nothing

  4. Wait for queue to reapear

It doesn’t work, it takes you out and puts you back in but if you are at the back end of the que and not close to the front eventually you will get a different error that full takes you out regardless.
Its all a scam.