Do not press PLAY after queue kick!

Sorry for you. Worked for me even when i started at 4000+. So I dont think its realated to your place in the queue. Got kicked at least 8 times. But to be fair I only get the too many request error.

At 17.22 I got the error “TooManyRequests” error. I pressed “OK”, and I didn’t press anything else.
Now at 17.34 I got the error again. I’ve pressed “OK” again, and now I am back in the que at position 1203.

So I can CONFIRM it works. This is not a scam!

Are you absolutely kidding me? How were we supposed to figure this one out? I have requeued from the start like 5 times… zzzzz

You mean, fuck it up like 8h in a row… be pissed and stare at the screen and see the queue magically reappear, post it in the forums? xD

Twice I have had this error, I wish I knew about this sooner

I was booted from the queue after waiting 3 hours. I didnt hit play or anything and still didnt get put back into queue. I thought server populations were supposed to be higher, I thought queue times were supposed to be lower… In the end I am now stuck playing on a server away from my friends because I cant get into their server. :man_facepalming:

Love You, will definitely try this on the weekend!

Hello all,

Please check the following information: Login Error - TooManyRequestsException

Just got this message at 600th position off the back of 2,000 player queue. Thanks, bro I’d for sure lost my mind if it put me behind 2000 people again.

This only works for the too many connections error.
If you get the “Failed to join login queue.” error you’re screwed.

2nd time i got it after a 1k+ que, i just wanna play!

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