DO NOT put online server 1by1 in EU

Hi Amazon Games

Just a couple of brief words: I used to work in gaming environment for many years. I know this situation you are handling pretty well, but you are making a fatal mistake here.

What pisses off players isn’t only the downtime. Is the “why they can play and i don’t”.
It could be a bad feeling, but it’s pretty natural. I don’t complain at all that I wasted a day i took of for the game. I am ok with Asian EU and so on already playing.

But you can’t put online 1-2 servers from the same word while others are off

This is terrible UE. My company might be in a (lost) war due to that. Or other players are taking a full advantage of the situation, being the only server able to play in a worldset.

So fine, take your time (maybe, just maybe - a post mortem is appropriate - this is an incident, not a manteinance), but don’t pull servers up until the full world is ok.

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