Do not try to fix anything ever again

Keep your harvesting gear. Screw JC experience. Furnishing is a BoP profession, I guess. If wars are remotely playable with the lag situation, just leave it alone.

Leave. It. All. Alone.

Man, I am a pretty big fanboi of this game, but this has become such a joke. If this 300k gold thing is real, and of course no one would surprised if it is, this has to be the last straw. If you let this go out and did not immediately roll back the servers, this has to be the top of a VERY long list of incompetent decisions.


it’s real

is it just EU? Rollback for “affected characters”? That money is long gone. What about all the stuff they bought on the Trading Post? If someone spent 300k and the players who sold items not have money and spend that, etc how are you ever going to get this horse back in the barn. It’s totally fucked.

Congratulations! :partying_face:

First of all, sorry for my English, it isnt my nativ language and sorry if i get little bit rude somewhere, but thats the way I talk and i hope you respect that.

I defended that game against everything but its enough.
We paid money for a game that is great but feels like, it´s been released by some dudes that work on it, on holidays when they have time for it.
I don´t know if you get it but, you let people pay for a game that is broken every 2-3 days or after a patch.

Also every patch is nearly everytime on the “primetime”
I just can say, you had so much time to fix it and thats ok, but now you had like 2 months where you got millions of dollar of our payment for a broken game, so you have money now to fix it.
More money than the most companies with the greates games ever had.

You started communicate with us, but for what? So you can tell us everyday what is broken?.
I don´t want to rage but here is the list of all really big mistakes you did in the past 2 months:

  • Login Queue (you saw the number of payments [potential players] and you didn´t react/reacted to late)
  • Server Transfer, some people paid money to play with their friends and couldn´t do it for weeks, cause some of their friends just left the game before the transfer even came out
  • War lags and tons of little bugs, like not working perks or OP gem bugs
  • Gold duping, i don´t have to explain how long it took to fix it and now you dupe it for the players
  • The shutdown of hole economy for days
  • Patches for different regions at the same time, how can other game publisher release their patches on different times but not you?

We all know if somebody says “sorry” we should respect it, but how many times you want to say sorry?

I don´t get it. I play games since nearly 20 years and i never saw that every patch, creates new problems. That just show how funny the code must look like.

I hope you have nice holidays, spending the money we paid, for a game that isn´t even in a closed alpha.

Feels like scam.


congratulations ! :partying_face:

I agree, Cem. It’s very frustrating. I get that problems arise, but it has gotten to the point that any time there is a patch or downtime for any reason, I think the vast majority of people think two things:

  1. They aren’t going to fix whatever they are trying to fix properly and
  2. In the process they will certainly break many more things, several of which are completely game changing.

There is, at this point, zero faith in the dev / programming team.


Literally zero faith. I kind of with things went back to pre 1.1.

This is the reason why people are leaving NW. After 60 lvl kinda boring, queues in high populated servers or nobody in dead servers. Why do u even bother with nerfing weapons/elite chests/elite zones mobs? U should finally focus on the REAL problems. Like bugs or even the ending of main quest, killing mob when only people with that quest can join. JOKE for low populated servers, when you can’t even help your guild mates. :smiley:

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Congratulations! :partying_face:

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