Do PvP players get more than just an XP buff?

Dedicated anti-PvP guy here, so a straight up question:

Do the PvP guys get more luck than everyone else?

Flagging pvp gives you 10% XP, 10% lootluck and 30% harvestingluck


pvpers need free handouts


Thanks for the replies.

So, if I understand this correctly…

PvP players are now, and have been, getting more than just the +10% XP bonus that I knew about all along, is this correct?

When did this happen date/patch wise?

I got a friend that was always into the whole PvP aspect of the game, and never spent time actually grinding out skills for his guy, then one day, he farms 10 sliver’s of adderstone in two hours! Is this the kind of rewards that AGS think do NOT construe an {Unfair Advantage} over the rest of us that do not play PvP?!?!

Is this 30% luck just for ‘harvesting’ skill activities, or for all ‘gathering’ skill activities?

Nope, not unfair. You can always flag to.


Does the XP bonus apply to weapon XP?

It’s for all gathering activities… The change to this isn’t that old, maybe 2 weeks ago. The thing is that if you’re pvp flagged you usually won’t use your gathering/luck gear as it makes you mostly easy to kill… Except you’re on a lowpop ofc :wink:
That’s their approach to make flagging pvp more attractive i guess

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Don’t think so, only to character, and i think standing too, and faction reputation too.

To be honest, I never liked the PvP crowd getting even the +10XP bonus, just because they were playing PvP, but I figured that all that really meant was that they would reach 60th level before I did, and then once they got there, such a bonus would then be meaningless.

But now, AGS is going to go out and double down on the insanity of handing out unneeded/undeserved bonuses to the folks that enjoy PvP, so that their characters can out perform my character playing strictly PvE?

I worked hard on my character, and leveled up his trade skills far beyond those of the guys that were focused on PvP, including the bragg rights to sneaking up on an 11th level character that was flagged for PvP and was fishing…

The same guy that farmed the 10 slivers in 2 hours is the guy that was 20+ at the time, and that is just a huge turn off for me.

Putting things in perspective then, where do my three (only two right now) sets of trophies put me in comparison?

My three crafted trophies each give me 500 mining luck IIRC, but since my third house purchase is currently ‘bugged’, I can only get 1000 to my mining luck at present, so what does the 30% equate to in actual numbers?

My (potentially incorrect) understanding is that each 1% = 1,000 luck, so my weak little trophies are 0.5% luck each, is this correct?

So even if my third house purchase was not bugged, I would have what, 1.5% from three mining trophies, in three houses, each of which I have to pay taxes on, while my friend is just handed 20 times that bonus, just for playing PvP.

Is this in fact correct?

You could always wear bonused gear and not flag for pvp.

Have you ever try to farm in pvp? Is easy, go out try to farm something, encounter other pvp player, fight, possibly win or lose, if you win perfect can continue farming until he/she come back and fight again, if lose your item to farm will be probably be farmed before you arrive again. XD

So you are jealous of a guy who was lucky (with the bonus its still about luck) and now you are mad at pvp players because its a buff you get if you flag up? You know you wont become a pvp player if you flag up right? You could still gather effectively with it on, its a bonus for yourself. If you get into a pvp situation and get frustrated you can turn it off and continue. So where is the problem? Its a win win for both sides.

No sir!

I am justifiably outraged, that after all my hard work, all those hours grinding out mind numbingly boring chopping, skinning, thwacking ore, and harvesting plants,
my multiple sets of trophies, in multiple houses (that I have to pay taxes on, mind you) are going to come up on the short end of the stick because somebody at AGS thought that the lack of targets for the PvP’ers was such a terrible ordeal, that they would just up and hand out such an outrageous bonus that not only cancels out all my hard work (by giving out an equivalent bonus), but that they would go far beyond cancelling out all my hard PvE work.

THAT is why I am ‘Pissed off’ my good sir.

I still need someone to check out my math, and tell me if the bogus pvp bonus is indeed 20 times that of my two little trophies, never mind all the work/effort/resources that went into that, but the taxes I pay that the other guy doesn’t…

NOT happy. :frowning:


Sliver of Adderstone drop rates have been buffed by alot. I can easily farm 10+ per hour without PvP on.


Thanks for that information, it brightens my mood a bit to know that not all of this was pvp giveaway stuff, and provides a slim hope for NW.

Can my bonus gear put me on equal footing with a pvp guy getting a 30% bonus, without compromising at all on his gear? If the answer is no, then the pvp guy is getting over in a huge way compared to the PvE guy, and both players paid the same for the game.

I could be wrong but as i’ve understood it, 1,000 luck is 10%. The PvP bonus is equivalent to 2 major gathering trophies. (1500 each)

It’s often not even worth it, and it will be less so once servers are merged. I spent 2 hours farming orichalcum in scorched mines. The result was ~600 orichalcum ore and 8 cinnabar because i kept being killed by a competitor running a great axe / hammer.

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I like a game where if I die, I must have made a mistake and gotten surrounded/swarmed, not being one-shotted by a boss or repeatedly killed by other players. Because of that, I will never flag, and so will not be getting as much for my gaming hours as someone that does.

My real life friends like 1st person shooters, even some of my old comrades in arms from back in the day, where I was an M60 gunner in the US army infantry. But I cannot find fun in getting killed over and over again in a game, knowing that in real life, you don’t just get to respawn.

My understanding was that the rolls were based upon a 1 - 100,000 table, and that each 1% was = +1000 on that table/roll, so my +500 mining luck trophies were like a ring with a 0.5% luck bonus.

So getting back to this, giving PvP guys a +30% luck is either:

30,000 on the roll from 1 - 100,000, or
3,000 on the roll from 1 - 100,000.

Depending on just what 1% means, in integer form, 100 or 1,000.

If the best trophies give 15%, then the PvP bonus gives them the equivalent of 2 extra ‘best trophies’ for free, in addition to what the PvE players can have, and at no cost.

It sounds as if you’re not enjoying PvE content there my friend, how about you try some PvP? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Yes, infact with trophies, food buffs and gathering gear you surpass the PvP luck buff. People sure do get angry/triggered about things before they really scope them out don’t they. If you’re unsure, do you have access to Google? Google is a sick website where you could have checked max luck for a PvE player with full luck set up vs PvP player with only passive bonus (do to dying instantly with gathering perks).