Do PvP players get more than just an XP buff?

Its for flagging up and having to watch your back from being ganked while using the luck and xp bonuses, PvE people can literally just use luck sets and get the same luck bonus and not flag, v simple.

Also if people that pvp decide to use the luck bonus and wear a luck set theyre a super easy kill to any gank without their proper gear.


Yes… You can actually get more, up to 35% i believe.

And after that question, you can then understand why the bonus was added to begin with…

PvP’ers use pvp gear. NO gathering bonus(before the patch)

PvE’ers were wearing gathering bonused gear getting up to a 35% bonus.

PvP’ers gather TOO!

Please dont be one of those short bus cadets who think pvp’ers ONLY PvP.

With all that said…

PvP’ers like to kill mobs & players.

PvE’ers kill mobs.

Both like to gather.

The PvP’er CANT wear harvesting gear because he will get stomped by the next PvP’er.

This creates imbalance in relation to bonuses… With the PvP’er not getting the same money making opportunities that PvE’ers do.

The 30% bonus while gathering for pvp flagging was to LEVEL the playing field regarding bonuses.

The problem is that PvE’ers think this has something to do with them… Crying unfair because they dont get a bonus too!

Great news!

You always did have a bonus. :+1:


Just flag for pvp and harvest. If u die it’s like a 5 second run back to where u were. It’s zero risk other than a measly amount of time. If u go out of town unflagged to gather you’re playing a boring ass game anyway with absolutely no challenge.


Serious question, how does one become a “dedicated anti-pvp guy?” I can understand not caring for it perhaps, but to be so strongly against it is confusing.


Nevermind, everything about you makes perfect since all of a sudden…


It doesn’t cancel out your hard work, because you are farming risk free. PvP flagging compensates for the risk - you must be prepared to fight at every node.

You can always turn the PvP flag on yourself and give it a go. Just swap out your gathering luck gear for the tankiest gear you can find, and waste a PvPers time if they can be bothered to hunt the gathering routes.

Dedicated PvPers have to PvE for 95% of their play time, so you can eat the risk and give it a go, or be happy that more people are lowering the cost of materials to make crafting cheaper :slight_smile:


I am flagged 80% of the time, sometimes during peak it’s just not worth it. I have been killed/and killed others countless times while farming. Frequently when fighting for high demand nodes a non flagged third party will show up and mine it while we duke it out. People who cry about the flag bonus are all the carebears that despise PVP for equality ridiculous reasons EG *You CaNt ReSpAwN iN ReAL LiFe" or “my lucky sock told me it was bad luck to pvp” etc etc

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Like I’ve said before and elsewhere, I get my fun in HELPING other players, not killing them. The game I came from was very frustrating watching some high level jerk come into the area and PK all the low level folks I was helping.

That was a different game, where PK was a thing, and there was nothing in the games program to prevent such behavior.

Now New World is trying to get folks to venture out in pvp mode, which is just more of the same garbage, where people that have built and geared their character can kill all the other folks whether they like it or not, just so that they, the minority of players, who derive great pleasure in killing their fellow players, can have a grand old time killing those that don’t find that fun.

Don’t bother trying to defend this, for your just wasting your breath and my time. Suffice to say, the massive player base losses are not just due to the bugs and nerfs, and glitches, but also to the decision to give pvp an edge over pve.

Too be sure, had I googled New World and it’s development, I never would have bought it, because I now know that it was intended to be a hard core pvp playing system, and that AGS found out that that didn’t go over so well with the players, and so they hurriedly added in the pve stuff, and released the current game.

Folks are already quitting the game for a great many reasons, and sure, the majority of those lost former players are not gone just because AGS wanted to give unwarranted and undeserved bonuses to pvp players, but ask yourself, had AGS spent equal time developing php content and quests as they did pvp content and quests, how many more players would still be playing this game, and potentially making purchases in the in game store?

I guarantee you, folks that stop playing are going to stop spending their money in the in game store. I have to wonder what percentage of the lost players (and the $$ they would have spent) are due to mishandling the game, how many would just have gone on to something else no matter what, and how many got irked by all the bugs and glitches, and had there been help, would have stuck around.


if the guys that like pvp want to make that choice, to go out and be at extra risk, because they get off on that kind of thing, then let them get their thrill, but do not give them anything extra for it, the thrill of it should be their only reward.

I guess maybe there is a misunderstanding about pvp vs PK. Evenly matched opponents, heading out in groups with a devil may care attitude, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead mind set is one thing. But what really offends me, is the high level dude that delights in killing much lower level characters, not in anything remotely resembling a fair fight. And then hearing them brag about their mighty exploits, sneaking up on and killing a much lower level character, that just disgusts me.

So no, I’ll never be that guy.

I’ll be the guy that tanks/heals the low level guys through the game, keeping their deaths to a minimum and their enjoyment and fulfilling my desire to help, rather than harm my fellow adventurers.

That’s what I like to do.


Realistically no…yeah you get those perks but if you go harvesting in your harvester gear flagged on a populated server well…good luck. So you have to wear pvp gear. While unflagged you just suit up in the ol harvester, logging whatever gear and go unmolested.

You sound like a 10 year old.

Awmagawd, I don’t wanna pvp flag so its unfair that pvp flagged players get bonuses wahhh

Jesus, I hope you’re just trolling.


Wth are you talking about. I want to be rewarded by doing pvp. The bonus is my reward for open world pvp. If there’s none there’s no reason for me to flag up. Many ppl feel that way. You thinking “the thrill” is the reward is absurd.

Yes, for some people is the thrill not the reward they get for flagging. If you need a reward to do pvp then you don’t want to pvp, you just want the reward.

Nothing wrong with it though


the problem is not that pvp player get bonuses for flagging, the problem is AGS mixing the two gameplay rewards hoping people will flag more.

One would think that players would want rewards that are related to the gameplay mode they like. As someone that don’t flag I would be very annoyed that I waste 1 or 2 hour completing a PvE raid just to find at the end a legendary piece of armor that is part of a PvP gear set.

I would think that PvP players would feel the same if they have to spend 2hr doing a pve raid in order to get their BiS pvp items…

But to be honest, if AGS wants to give PvPers sole pve bonuses while flagging, then is ip to them! In my case, I’m just asking for fair treatment… you see, with this bonus pvp players can maximize their pvp capabilities while still enjoying the gathering bonuses. PvE players can’t do that, we have to trade combat stats for gathering stats or have separated gear (one for pve combat and one for gathering)

I’m just curious, but why did you buy a PVP game then?

Just to bitch and moan and throw a fit about people who enjoy the game in a different way than you?

I’m just curious; why do people insist on claiming this is a PvP game?
It’s a PvX game.
Though the devs are trying real hard to turn PvE players into second class citizens and give PvP players low-level punching bags because they screamed non-stop that they have no one to gank. Oh, sorry, they screamed ‘No one is flagging’, which was just a smoke screen for ‘I have no one I can bully’.

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Very well said. If you like pvp, then do it, but don’t cry about not getting extra bonuses when doing so. There is NO REASON for pvp players to get any bonuses, of any kind, at all, and the more and longer AGS takes to remove all such bonuses, the more they are going to drive away the normal players, to the detriment of NW and their profits from it.


According to you, I must be a little kid. You mentioned I sound like a 10 year old specifically. Of course, I’m not ten, but then that not really anything to do with this threads topic, is it. Calling an adult a little kid is an insulting thing to do, and since you wanted to make this personal…Yeah. Can you make a post in this thread that is relevant to the discussion at hand, and refrain from making further personal insults?

Next, you typed in a line with what I have to assume was your version of imitation baby-talk, as a second affront to me personally, to mock, scorn, and ridicule a fellow gamer. Based upon your posted comments, I have to assume that you must be one of the folks that think that attacking others, whether that is in game, or on the forums, is good.

In the game, you are frustrated by not being allowed to kill other players that have no interest in such activities, and on these forums you see someone calling AGS out for giving undeserved and unwarranted bonuses to the few folks that actually like pvp, in order to get them more folks to fight/kill, and you resort to personal slights, and insults instead of discussing the pros and cons of these bonuses.

So, in the future, I’ll ask you to behave in an adult, mature manner, and amend your conduct to be more in line with the forums rules.

Now, did you have any thoughts on this threads topic?


Do you not enjoy pvp for it’s own sake? In other words, would you play pvp if there were no bonuses at all? If the answer is ‘no’, then you are not really interested enough in pvp play by itself to do it, else you would do it regardless of bonuses, right?

So, Like others have already pointed out, you are not interested enough in pvp, for it’s own sake, to play it if you are not getting ridiculous rewards for playing such a mode. It is your thinking the bonus is needed (or even OK) that is absurd.