Do servers exist that aren't just stacked RMT?

Is anyone actually part of a server that isn’t completely stacked one faction and RMT isn’t actually happening? (or if another faction exists they just use the stacked faction to gain territory as they have some back handed deal? - ie a Cov company on my server got purple to wipe other yellow territories from the map then win traded them to the yellow company (which is just purple at this point) where they use 3 different companies (even named the same) of the same people to take all of these regions - they both then gate out the marauder faction essentially owning all regions to gain as much gold as possible to both roll better and better gear and RMT off excess gold).

Funnily enough these same companies complain about PVP being dead in the server after using backhanded tactics to screw over anyone that doesn’t fit their plan and being toxic af which would make League of Legends look like a friendly community (we have had message from them previously to make a deal to attack green regions and let them stack our wars which we told them where to go since most of yellow actually wanted to play the game and not just farm gold). On merge we had about 900 peak, we are down to about 350-400 as anyone that isn’t part of the gold farm just said “bugger it” and threw it in, those that are left reduced their hours and basically only do daily crafts, the lottery RNG rolls on gear crafting and a few dungeons here and there.

So yeah, Do these servers that actually play the game exist or is that just a unicorn?

“The only winning move is not to play” - This quote from Wargames pretty much is what is happening.


It is not even worth to believe that this game has any real future considering how poorly it was managed so far.

It is as if this game was meant to be kept on life support right after release.

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Dead ones

I will just say, I dont understand ppl who buy gold in this game, firstable is very easy to earn without leaving town if u think a bit and have a knowledge about items and prices. Secondaly not worth spending money on something what will fall in 1-2 months xd

Yesterday I saw someone in global claiming a specific RMT seller was engaged in fraudulent activity and that he/she was cheated. When challenged about using such services to help kill the game global went nuts.

It made me think of how this parallels current events. People who do not act in their self interest. Right to life crusaders who will happily infect you with a virus and kill you. Conspiracists. Seditionists. Russia mishandling their covid response but seemingly happy to invade another country. The high light of my week was Jokavich(sp) being deported and not getting special treatment. My hope is that they enforce the full weight of AUS law and block his entry for 3 years for lying on his immigration papers.

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