Do something about aimbots

You know about them. Why are you ignoring the problem?

AGS: “There is no need to fix aimbot problem when there are no musket players” :D.

Seriously, musket is useless. There are 1-2 players with this weapon at every OPR or WAR.

Did anybody see players who using musket in dungeons? I didn’t. Interesting why :D.

There are a couple of guys on my server that are insanely strong with musket, and I play with a full resilience, 150 const build. They simply destroy me at range and they always end OPR high on the rank. The reality is simply that musket requires more than good aim, and most of people don’t have it. Musket also allows you to play “safely” from distance, I think it’s balanced actually.

On the pve side I agree, but that is the same for bow. Melee is simply better in pve, just spam left-click/abilities with no risk to miss. Ammunitions cost doesn’t help either.

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