Do the Devs here seriously play PvP?

Seriously. You guys make changes to already broken weapons. Nerf the most rewarding skill shots (ice spike) and don’t even dare touch rapier/dex or void gauntlet.

Please for the LOVE of God please please actually play your game in pvp before making these changes.

This is why everyone is quitting.

You guys have no idea what’s actually going on.


Honestly have no idea what their involvement is; either it’s very little, or they come from the EQ era of gaming where everything was next to impossible to do without a serious, dedicated investment.

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no they do not, i suspect they dont play at all.

They play against players whenever they touch this game…

They dont have time for this, they r playing lost ark on russian servers.

Given the videos released of Devs “playing” their game, I say they spend more time working on the game itself than actually playing it in their off-time. And that doesn’t surprise me… I mean, if you spend all day working on the game, picking it up again when you get “home” really doesn’t seem all that appealing. They need a break, too.

But the problem comes that when they aren’t as skilled as the “no-lifers” – their “PvP experience” is also going to be against other Devs (not the skilled “no-lifers” who live, eat, and breathe the game). So they make adjustments based on their limited experience, data collections that monitor things like damage done across multiple servers, and select salty forum posts). So, their adjustments are only going to be as good as their “intelligence gathering” is going to be (which, arguably, has some ‘holes’ in it).

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