Do the Dev's Really read the forums ? CPU temp out of control

My CPU temp is getting out of control There needs to be a fix on the game side . I have been on all the support websites and did all that I can do even took it into my computer repair shot. I bought myself an overpriced laptop tray and I keep my house so cooled I have to cover myself with a blank it. My temp is 90c to 112c at some points in the game it kicks on my fan that sound like jet engines for about 2min then you can hear it lower the speed on the fan’s but the temp is still around 90c to 112c AMD Ryzen 5 4600h with an Nvidia Gforce GTX 1050 16 gigs of ram with a 512 SSD slave drive and an M.2 256 So I have right spec I play on all setting low and fps cap to 30 and full-screen nothing running in the background.PLZ Dev Fix this So I can enjoy this game like the others thank you.

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Thanks for the report. I’m really sorry about the problem you’re having.

Some common signs of overheating:

  • Unusual fan sounds
  • Blue screen
  • Constantly reboots or shuts down
  • Non-fan-based CPU overheating
  • High temperature

If you suspect your computer is overheating, you can try the troubleshooting at Intel Support to start. Or your own software computer for your hardware.

Here are some steps to try to solve your issue:

Run a file check: Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files

After all steps above:

  • Shut down the computer, completely, start again and run the Steam client as administrator, Discord as Administrator and try the game again.