DO THIS... to get SHANKED in OPR

Why do you die so fast?

It is like you are wearing a wizard hat that screams “I have 50 CON”!

HEHE (inside joke)

Seriously, share what gets you insta-killed in OPR!


I forgot to reroll my attributes just to play OPR with a friend.

What is your excuse?

Let’s GO!

200ms ping :cry:


I play bruiser and the rest of my team are bows


^^^^^^^^ This



I’ve done OPR in my weaving gear by accident before, once I noticed and switched back to my heavy bruiser gear it was much better lol.

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Happens far too often, you run into a fort in opr as a heavy bruiser, and you have the whole enemy team trying to kill you after about 3 mins they manage to kill you and you notice you were alone in the fort because everyone else is trying to use range weapons and are too scared to get into the fort.

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Yo, I have done that too! I was like… WTF weapon that dude gotz! And why am I hitting like a kindergartner?

Weapon swap glitch. For me it happens the most when i play VG IG

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