Do town board upkeep missions go towards upkeep costs?

Hi NW team,

Could you please confirm what’s exactly happens with the town upkeep missions? Do they go towards the town upkeep? There doesn’t seem to be an area on the company balance sheet that contributes them and they seem to cost players more than they return in gold vs selling the mats on the trading post.

Clarification would be appreciated :slight_smile:


The town upkeep projects do go towards the town upkeep, so by players doing those missions you are helping the town maintain its upgrades, and if players stop doing the missions, the town’s crafting stations may be downgraded and in some cases, settlements can lose the buffs they have built using the town projects

Hope this helps!


Thank you very much for replying :blush: would it be possible in the future to see on the balance sheet the contribution of town boards to the upkeep? I think it will help motivate players to complete the boards if they see it working in action. :pray:


That would be an amazing feature, i will let the team know of that feedback, and if you wish, you can also send it to them via the in-game option!


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