Do we feel like it is time for server mergers again?

I feel like servers with below 1000 pop at peak times need server mergers. On Midgard 650 are online at peak times and we have almost no armor to buy in market, almost no one doing any dungeons, we have no yellow companies that are able to fill a 50 man war. I think server pop needs to be around 1200+ at peak times to have a healthy game experience. Reply to this post if you think so too. So we can get the devs to start thinking about it again.

I do agree. Would be nice to see it a bit busier, but not as busy as Barri… I love hogging all the star metal lol

They need to compile all servers until there are 2/3 stacked per region and lock all unused servers until they see a spike in players, they aren’t needed otherwise.

This way transfers aren’t as trivial and economies won’t be slammed by those who transfer to farm/buy markets

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Very good suggestion

But every time someone does that. They are paying AGS $30 for the round trip. It’s pretty much the only monetization AGS has in the game. So, I don’t see this changing. I believe AGS would just rather people quit the game. If they can’t be asked to pay $15.

Some servers legit have like an average of 300 players over a 24 hour period. The trade post on these servers are dead for the most part. Towns are starting to lose crafting stations. Pretty soon people will not be able to craft on these servers. And AGS won’t even bat an eye.

In the long run it is more advantageous for them to compile though, say they lost 4.5k for the 300 players now but could gain 3x that with potential server swaps to sell items/cosmetics/potential battle pass etc.

It seems to me that these players are adamant on the fact that they will not pay to transfer and AGS needs to keep as many players as possible. Losing money in exchange for loyalty/trust from the customers is a no brainer in my eyes

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