Do we have to beg for merge?

Hello im just wondering do we really have to beg AGS for merges.Other servers have +1000 players they have really good economy and also they have good pvp areas good live server so AGS is there any road map for merges again.Can u explain a liitle pls?


Good luck! We really need some new faces on Yggdrasil. Just please no more toxic/know-it-all imports, please. kthx


Ä°ts really sad im losing all my hope to this game and AGS

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You shouldn’t have to beg for a merge, but if you do, see if you can also score five bucks for a cup of coffee, or for drinking money if you’re being honest. Maybe offer to do some odd jobs around the studio, that sort of stuff.

I mean, you know, while you’re asking, it’s worth a shot.

Lets put is this way, there is less than 10 servers across all regions that peak above 1k players with most sat around 100 - 600, That is a very telling story.

Sorry to keep harping on about Annwyn but we were at around 500 before the merge with 3 other servers to become Sanor and now we are back to that level. even the strong 100 man companies are recently seeing only a 3rd of the members logging on.

But nevermind, all the bots are running round very happily ruining our game…

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I’ll also put a request in; can you see if they’ll fix the OPR chat bug while you’re mid-beg? Thanks xoxo

I went from a server with like 250 players to a server with >1000. The game is a lot better on high population servers. It would be in AGS’s interest to have all servers near max player populations at all times.

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What did you do with your free server transfer token?


The fact they don’t has lost me any hope I had left.


When Intransfered to a populater server, game was way better.

Are you even paying attention? People that transferred months ago to play with their friends are now on dead servers. Servers that merged…dead again…Everything keeps dying but some of you have the audacity to ask why we needed to use a single server transfer in the first place. Unbelievable.

You know what, we used them when released to move from dead servers to populated servers which subsequently died too.

Whats your point bruh ?

So you made a decision to use your token to transfer. Turns out you made a bad decision.

It happens. I am sure at some point you will get another opportunity to transfer.

Thats unfortunate. Hang in there little buddy, you will be able to transfer again at some point.

Mergers are needed again first bro. So we can get back to 1500 ish players would be good.

I dont disagree with you at all. I took a risk transfering too, i got lucky and my servers still populated.

Hopefully you can transfer again soon. Maybe thats why they locked character creation?

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Merging 2 Servers = Double the amount of Bots per Server. Also bot don’t Quit or get Banned.

Some Servers had 3 Other Servers merged Into Them. Now Imagine you used your Token to Join such a Server. Basicly auto-screwed.

I feel you man. It sucks.

Hopefully these players get another opportunity to transfer soon.


Shrug. There are some benefits to being on a less populated server. You are likely to get a spot in a war or invasion. On a populated server, you are instantly kicked and never get to participate.