Do you miss games being good?

I miss the good old days of when if a game sucked, people didn’t buy it. Cause the game was on a disc, it was done, there’s no going back. So studios were under a healthy amount of pressure to get the game right, the first time. I desperately miss that pressure that kept good games coming out.

These days games can be updated. At first glance, that seems good, but what do we all do now? Now we all buy bad games and wait for them to become good games.


It seems to have gotten exponentially worse the last year or so. There’s nothing I can personally do about it except not buy games until I know they work properly. FOMO is a powerful thing, lol. But, I made a promise to myself to stop buying pre-orders and early access, no matter what perks they offer. My first test was Destiny 2 Witch Queen DLC. I succesfully did NOT buy it. And, I’m glad I didn’t because the very next week they announced more vaulting, and specified how that $40 base game doesn’t even include dungeons. I may or may not buy it at some point, but I’m not pre-ordering a damn thing anymore until I’ve been able to determine the game works and I don’t care if I’m behind others. I’m not going to do this to myself any longer.



Agree with you so much.
Also really miss the days before streamers and influencers hyping every new sht just for the klicks and misleading people into shaity games.

After Cyberpunk i thought “maybe people finally learned their lesson”.
But then came New World.
And now comes Battlefield 2042.
People will never learn and eat into every shait theyre served.

But hay beening loud and vocal actually does something. Have a look at Blizzard, finally theyre under heavy pressure to perform better. And looking at SoM they might come back on track.

But that only happens because Gamers rised.

So keep up the good fight


i’ve only bought two other pre-orders this year… but they are from reliable companies. horizons 5 and farming sim 22. i have regrets about new world, because it has so much potential.

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I could have just bought into this game 6 months from now after the bug fixes and been happier with the game, but now that I’m in a group with RL friends I feel like it’s too late to step back entirely.

So now I stand in town queueing OPR and just hoping there’s not more than a few exploiters.

We live in the age of the eternal beta test. Lazy and sloppy is the industry standard. FFS Tesla is beta testing with real lives at stake.

sadly at the rate things are going, unless they can get a handle on the exploits, never mind the bugs, the game is probably done.

The ‘good ol days’ you didn’t know if a game sucked till you bought it due to lack of Internet or fast Internet. You had magazine reviews sure but they were paid for or giving higher scores than needed. Back then you didn’t get automatic updates, you had to hassle the devs for a disc with the update on and that’s if it wasn’t on a cartridge! If a game was bad you were screwed, you could try sell second hand or maybe get a refund…Maybe. Unless you claim the good old days was like 5-10 years ago, which it wasn’t, to which I rebute your claim!

You’re talking about bad games and fixing them, I’m talking about good games coming out good from release and not needing to be “fixed”.

You mean, polished up to a point, where the casual playthrough should not show any bug affecting the game.

It still might happen to speedrunners or otherwise hardcore gamers.

This should be the basic standard for release of any game.

Ideally, yes.
But with the enormous size of code, there are way more opportunities for bugs.
And bug hunting already is the main development time driver, from the point of how to report (because information needed), then identify within the code, then find a way to fix without breaking anything else.

True, I dunno why games keep coming out unfinished, the only games that seem to not be too much affected by bugs are those that have a continuous working cycle on the engine with releases in the middle. Like a Battlefield or an Assassin’s creed.

In my opinion, these types of games are just the result of an industry that has been corrupted by big franchises that bring nothing new to the table at each and every iterations, for instance
sports games like Fifa, nba2k and Madden always the same years after years, that people pays 60 dollars for and then sink unbelievable amount of cash in every year to build a team of paid-to-win ‘assets’. Franchises like Battlefield, Call Of Duty, Farcry and Assassin’s Creed also uses this type of recycle/rebrand/resell and it works like a charm for them. (AC took a turn when they released Origin, but Odyssey and Vhallala are merely reskins).

As long as these types of games and IP exists, why would not devs be lazy? I mean, nothing can compare to the 4 billions dollars Madden made last year by recycling the same game.

My point is that the only studios that seem to be thriving are those who develop an engine and an IP for a long time just like a GTA that worked on an engine for 6+ years for GTA5 (2015 on PC), then released Red Dead 2 (2019 PC) which was based on the same engine. Red Dead 2 was a massive hit even tho the gun fighting and the physics system were absolutely the same as GTA5.

Once in a decade you have a game like Divinity Original Sin that comes out nearly finished (still bugs needs squashing and balance being made all around, but game came out in great shape) and its a hit. But why take risks when the things being the more profitable are those who are the same years after years? Now the studio that made Divinity is trying their hand at the Baldur’s Gate IP, but the mechanics will be so close to Divinity that once again it is just a reskin of a previous game with a new IP slapped over it. Those who once bring originality to the table are now doing exactly like the plagues of the industry. Why not ? Its what brings the more profit after all.

Thats why New World shifted from being a niche Rust like mmo to a theme park WoW/BDO/Terra and the likes, that brings absolutely NOTHING NEW to the table.

The Gaming industry is doomed, because we as consumers keep buying the same crap over and over.

My next big disapoitment will be Skyrim2 (or TES 6 if you don’t like the meme).
Apparently Bugthesda/Zenimax/Microsoft (we don’t know anymore) are working on a new engine for Starfleet, their next game. TES6 will probably be made on the same engine, so we can expect Starfleet to be the crash test and TES6 the “real” polished product? Anyways can’t wait to be let down by Bugthesda/Microsoft.

or u just give the games back?

yeahh omg i used to play virtual games growing up and they used to be so much fun but now they’re not the same );

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