Do you need to activate watermark after 60?

I been grinding som Shattered mountain and some outpost rush but my gear still drop around 500.

Do you need to activate watermark in some way like completing the main quest or something?

Also my gear that drop only show V in the inventory but I seen screenposts of ppls inventory where gear level shows instead like 591… (top corner of the gear icon…)?

No no, keep grinding and you will see an increase on your GS, and you can filter your items by GS on the top of your inventory!

It takes hundreds of hours of grinding and chest runs to get that high.

Oh ok,
aha ok when I filter i see the numbers, thanks. I just saw V before so though I had to activate something to get the watermark… Havent done last dungeon due to dead server but yesterday I switched server so hopefully Ill be able to finish mainquest soon.

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