Do you think that the engine behind the game has an impact on the game?

Amazon Lumberyard, This is the name of the engine, you can learn more about it in the following link, Amazon Lumberyard - Wikipedia

This is a list of games that use the same engine as well as the New World game

TBA Squadron 42 Story-based Single-player, Space combat, first-person shooter Microsoft Windows Cloud Imperium Games, Foundry 42 Cloud Imperium Games
TBA Star Citizen MMO, Space trading and combat, first-person shooter Microsoft Windows Cloud Imperium Games, Foundry 42 Cloud Imperium Games
TBA The DRG Initiative[27] Third-person shooter TBA Slingshot Cartel TBA
TBA Deadhaus Sonata[a][29] Action role-playing video game TBA Apocalypse Studios Apocalypse Studios
September 28, 2021[30] New World[31] MMO Microsoft Windows Amazon Games Orange County Amazon Games
January 15, 2019 The Grand Tour Game Racing PlayStation 4, Xbox One Amazon Game Studios Seattle Amazon Game Studios
October 25, 2018 Coffence Fighting game Microsoft Windows Sweet Bandits Studios Sweet Bandits Studios
Cancelled[32] Crucible Third-person shooter Microsoft Windows Relentless Studios Amazon Game Studios
Cancelled Breakaway MOBA Microsoft Windows Amazon Game Studios Amazon Game Studios

Do you think if the game was on another engine, it would be different?
Does the engine set limits for the developer?

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I have been following StarCitizen for a long time and that project has tons of bugs connected to the engine.

I myself do some coding in Unreal engine and even though I can make stuff happen its a completely different skillset coding content using an engine VS coding engine stuff.
I do this as a hobby so ofc more experienced developers will have it easier to go in and rewrite engine code but still… If it takes 1 year for a person to create a small game using an engine it would take him 5 years if he need to rewrite enginecode.

So the devs are most likely very limited to the engine.

Now I heard that Amazon are desperate to get devs to start using Lumberjack Engine so apparently they have excellent engine support. But still, if the core is broken they can only do so much…

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Of course. This is almost as silly as asking ‘if I was born in China would I be speaking Chinese instead of English?’

If there are developer limits because of the engine, it means that developers may not be able to do everything the players want.

The errors and problems that players complain about may be due to the weakness of the engine or its lack of capabilities.

My question, another way, would it be better? :slight_smile:

Well, cryengine/lumberyard is a very modular engine and devs can pretty much rewrite any part that is limiting them. Every engine has some default limitations. And as much as people seem to hate Lumberyard, I have not really seen any inherent proof that it is bad.
I think its biggest weakness is that it is used by few studios and there are very few developers who actually understand it (and most of them are probably working on Star Citizen).
So, it might be easier to use a more popular engine, but it would not solve any issue of poor implementation… you can write bad code on any engine.


It wouldn’t affect so much actually.
You can transpose your game for let’s say, the beautiful Unreal Engine 5 that spoils us with tons of good looking videos, if your game architecture is complex and subject to bugs, it will also bug the same way on that engine.

Engine stuff are mostly related to performances, memory management, network communications, and many other deep systems that are common to every game.

Game code is on top of that, and game developers (as opposed to engine developers) are responsible for the architecture they’ve done on it. This architecture can be written for any Game Engine (it’s like writing a book in different languages, saying the same thing).
They will develop systems like the craft system, the harvest ones, the trading systems, gameplay loops with combat/healing and so on.
Also on MMO you have this Client/Server constant communication. Most of the game code that people consider buggy for New World is probably on the server, and probably not even related to the game engine itself.

But maybe on the beautiful Unreal Engine 5 you wouldn’t be able to display 40 characters spamming bubbles and keep a decent framerate on a modern machine. Maybe you wouldn’t be able to see 4km away on top of a mountain because LODs would not be handled the same way.

So Lumberyard… it maybe is a headache to use. Maybe not well documented. Maybe not even suited for MMO for the networking or whatever, it’s probably the least of the problems New World has in its own design.

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I think the desync for one is engine problem.

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There was a thread on twitter by some former dev who had worked on crucible I think. He explained, briefly, how lumberyard came about and some of the issues they had.

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If I remember correctly lumberyard has some tech for scaling between cpu clusters depending on how many players is in an area…

I don’t think lumberyard itself is bad but I think the network code and desync might be an engine problem.

As you say there is limited documentation on this engine.

I been playing around in Unreal and often one guy says “Look what I have done”… Next guy says cool “But check this out its faster”… Third guy says “I did it in this way and its even better”…

I dont think that is happening in Lumberyard because of too few devs using it. Even if desync is an engine problem if there were more devs on the engine they would probably worked out a way around it.

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isn’t lumberyard an engine built on another engine, in which conflicts happen between the two. So fixing something in lumberyard breaks something in cryengine and so on.

Lumberyard is based on Cryengine. Now it is the same engine so I dont think if you fix something in lumberyard it breaks Cryengine… I guess they did lots of modules… For graphic display they probably used most code from cry engine and added some code for new gpus/effects…
For networking they probably build most from scratch to work optimal for Amazon servers.
For 3d sound they probably used lots of code from cryengine…

And so on. So Lumberyard is a single modular engine.

Yes. I have read that not long ago, right before the release they switched NW engine to the new one they use now, and they have had difficulty with it and are considering to switch back to the old one. This was mentioned on one interview in December, it was done in German language, cant find it now.

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