Do you think the game would be better without PVP?

I mean the balancing between weapons and stuff, all the balance and nerf is often because of the pvp.

I remember before i was playing life staff, and he was nerfed patch after patch, because in pvp that was too strong, but i was feeling bad because i don’t pvp at all, so i was nerfed too.

They should like guild wars 2, separate the pve and the pvp, to balance stuff.


The game would be dead without PVP.

The only hope to do anything would be WW because it would be the only T5 stations left in the world. Companies would not be able to maintain the other territories and keep the downgrades at bay, money wise and townboard upgrade wise.

Being unable to make even Orichalcum Ingots would drive people away so fast.


i don’t pvp and the game is fine to me

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Yes because the big PVP companies are keeping your town from being degraded into nothing. Imagine not being able to craft T5 resources. It would be awful.

Ah i see what you mean, but without the pvp, what you mean can’t happen, because the town can’t be attacked. We would be living in peace only facing the monster in the game.

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You are living in peace when you press U.
Your choice to not play the only thing worth playing in this game.
But leave us to it. Thanks.


I would quit if PVP was removed.


Removing PvP would simply be the final straw for 1 side of this PB. Removing it wouldn’t make the game better. It would simply give people more reason to drop the game.

PvE & PvP can co exist. The only thing that does need separate is simply the balancing decisions. PvP should never have a say in how PvE operates and vise versa. But that’s it. If NW became a pure PvE game I’d have already ditched it months ago. I have RPG’s that are far better than this if that were the case.


Without the pvp incentive this game would’ve been abandoned completely
PPL need to stop dividing saying oh pvp community this pve community that.
Those people rly interested in pvp are likely those winning the invasions and running m10 like it’s nothing to be able to fund diff builds for pvp/wars.

PvE is just as a big part of this game as PvP is. You can’t exclude one and just hope for the best. Both attract in their own ways leading people to grind away

It obviously wouldnt be better :joy: pvp is what keeps games alive while the devs work on new content. Pve content has an end and can get repetitive, pvp just doesnt

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Not in the current state. Part of NW allure was that it combined PvE and PvP and I could switch between these modes freely. Than AGS tried to fix the game with lame incentives because of salty cries of PvP community and now the game caters to none of the playstyles. There’s not enough space for PvE players to create content by themselves, difficult to roleplay, no building, no real gear progression and it’s now just running in circles to gamble for gear drop or farming. That’s not enough to keep players busy. For PvP the game would have to solve massive amount of combat problems, the map is too big for the pop and there’s not enough places where players are forced to concentrate.

Let be honest all the balancing stuff is because of the pvp, the game would be more fun (in pve) without the pvp. Because they can’t let the pve SHINE, because of the pvp.

What on earth would removing PvP from the game do to make PvP balance feel better?

PvP and PvE should pretty much always be tied together, makes the game feel way more consistent and has to check and balance vs each other so stuff can’t go stupid.

Honestly the only thing they REALLY need to work out is mage PvE damage

Some game split pve and pvp (gw2, ff14) so they can shine in both mode.

Same, actually the game improved greatly for me, when I stopped trying to PvP here. Whenever I get the itch to PvP now, I just turn New World off and do it elsewhere. Now I have a lot less frustration with New World.

The only thing left on my wishlist for New World is abilities and perks to have different functions between PvP and PvE. And even more challenging dungeons, and open world content.

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no wtf , there is no endgame content outside of pvp

i agree with you

Yes and its maybe a problem don’t you think ?

sorry but i don’t see a problem, i only do pvp and things that makes my pvp gear better

Do you think the game would be better without PVP?