Do you think the people working on this game are worried that management is going to cost them their jobs?

This game is being run so badly, and management seem to be deliberately antagonizing the player base with their poor decision making. Does this make the people working on this game worry about whether they will lose their jobs due to the incompetency of the higher ups? I mean the people calling the shots will probably be fine if the game dies, but what about everyone else? Don’t they think that the game should be actively trying to gain back players rather than pissing them off so much they quit?

If the game did away with watermarks, expertise, orbs, made crafting less grindy, etc., so devs could work on bug fixing, balancing weapons, making more PvP, and PvE content, etc., maybe it would save the game. However, management seems to be prioritizing adding more gating, and dailies that no one wants, which is a surefire way to kill the game.

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